Jackass: The Movie

Theatrical Release: October 25, 2002
Jackass: The Movie


Jackass: The Movie contains many of the kinds of stunts that make the controversial TV show very popular with the MTV generation. However, the producers use the less restrictive feature film medium to not only add in the obscene language that’s bleeped out on TV, but to push way past the boundaries of slapstick comedy into a bizarre, disgusting world of “gross-out” humor, self-mutilation and perversity.

Dove Review

Here’s some of the “lowlights”: a man inserts a “Matchbox car” into his rectum and goes to a doctor for an X-ray; two men shoot fireworks out of their “derrieres”; a man defecates in a car and in a floor display toilet in a hardware store; an electric muscle stimulator is attached to a man’s genital area; paper cuts given between fingers and toes and on the corners of mouths; two men fill their swim trunks with bait shrimp and swim among whale sharks hoping to attract them to their genital areas; several men are shown vomiting, one after snorting wasabi and another after making a snow cone out of snow, urinating on it, and then eating it. Had enough? This could’ve been a very funny film, in a Three Stooges, slapstick kind of way, without the reaches into the bizarre and disgusting. Also remember that the entertainment rating we’ve given it is based on it’s appeal to it’s target audience. The theater was roaring with laughter during most of the stunts and skits. Certainly older viewers will not find Jackass: The Movie to be as entertaining as those in the MTV generation. For any generation, this is surely THE movie to miss this year.

Content Description


Company: Paramount
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 80 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Movie Morality Ministries - Pete Zimowski