Dancetime DVD! Volume 1

Theatrical Release: January 21, 2003
DVD Release: January 21, 2003
Dancetime DVD! Volume 1


From the elegance of European royal courts (Volume 1) to the dance halls, discos, and streets of America (Volume 2), “Dancetime” captures the excitement and romance of each passing era.

Volume 1 features the 15th through 19th Centuries. A world of beauty and grandeur! From the courts of Italy, France and England to the refined ballrooms of America. Featured dances like Balli, La Volta, Minuet, Polka, Mazurka, the Waltz Cotillon and many others.

Dancetime Publications has taken their critically acclaimed “Dancetime” video series and they have added the latest DVD technology. “Dancetime” contains over 600 original source documents plus historical timelines. The viewer can explore dance steps and instructional text simultaneously or separately.

Dove Review

Dove Executive Director Comments: This DVD has many special features and is a wealth of information on the 15th – 19th Centuries of Social Dance. In the Special Features selection you can learn the dance descriptions, timelines, bibliography, credits, instructional text and a preview of Volume 2. On a computer, you can access a timeline or bibliography that gives you more in depth information. You can dive into the text portion of the DVD either with the video or with just the text being displayed. The text is very informative. For example, in the 16th Century you learn that the Valta was Queen Elizabeth’s favorite dance. There is a wealth of information on this DVD for dance lovers and for the history buff. Dancetime Publications did a marvelous job of putting this DVD together.

Reviewer’s coments: This video follows the art of dancing throughout the centuries. The setting is on a very plain stage without any backdrops or props. The dancers are, however, dressed and in character to the century from which they came. There isn’t much dialogue (though the dancers do occasionally speak), and most of the information is shown through text that appears on the screen. The text updates the viewer on the change in dances and the change in century, also information on the dances such as their roots and interpretation. I don’t think the purpose of the video is to teach one how to dance, but more to show viewers historically how nobles, mainly from Europe, danced. It is interesting to view, though much of the music is classical and is similar as far as my tastes go, therefore it can grow a bit dull from a personal perspective. However it can be used as great accurate reference to dancing in the 15th-19th centuries. History buffs and those that love to dance will be entertained and educated at the same time.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
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Company: Dancetime Publications
Genre: Hobby
Runtime: 45 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Sara Long