Journey of Redemption

Theatrical Release: June 25, 2003
DVD Release: June 25, 2003
Journey of Redemption


Two children meet in an orphanage and become best friends. Cap grows up to be a big shot in Hollywood with his own television show, and Badge ends up working for him part of the time. Cap is very conceited and is a huge jerk to everyone he comes into contact with. He even fires Badge, his supposed best friend. When Cap gets arrested for drunk driving, he only has Badge to turn to. He gets out of jail without anyone knowing, but in return Cap has to do something for Badge – a journey. On the way, Cap and Badge meet Badge’s brother Doug and the love of his life, Hattie. They all make it to the two’s childhood orphanage. All the memories come rushing back to Cap, and that plus the kids and the surroundings make his heart melt. He returns to Hollywood a changed man.

Dove Review

I really enjoyed this movie. “Journey of Redemption” is a great story of how doing things for others and not just focusing on yourself can change a person in more ways than we ever thought possible. This is a great movie with a great message. With the help of God and the people who care about you, anything is possible.

Content Description

Sex: Cap makes sexual advances towards women he works with, but nothing is shown except for kissing.
Language: None
Violence: A small bar brawl between Cap and Badge and two men who were picking on Badge's little brother.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Texas 2 Star Productions
Writer: Mark Harwell
Director: Mark Harwell
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 85 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Kadie Lukens