Freaky Friday

Theatrical Release: August 8, 2003
DVD Release: December 16, 2003
Freaky Friday


In this remake of the 1976 Disney comedy, Tess Coleman (Jaime Lee Curtis) and 15-year-old daughter Anna (Lindsey Lohan) are going through normal but difficult stresses between parent and adolescent. They do not agree on school, music, clothes or relationships. The morning after eating fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant, Anna and Tess wake up to discover that they have mystically exchanged bodies. They now must come to terms with the complications of this situation, and they attempt to fix the other person while they are in each other’s body. Mother and daughter come face to face with the issues that put them at odds with each other.

Dove Review

The film offers some good discussion opportunities for parents and children on understanding each other. The film does, however, contain some crude language, which deviates somewhat from Disney’s commitment to produce a completely family-friendly work. While disappointed that Disney felt the need to include some objectionable language and questionable dialog, Dove has awarded “Freaky Friday” the Dove Seal for ages 12 and above, based upon the content description below. The film has some very humorous moments and very good acting from Jaime Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. Due to the quality in production values, and the good point the story makes of seeing through another person’s eyes, we award this film four doves.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Some hitting; a man runs into a door.
Sex: A few pieces of dialogue like "easy stud, save it for the honeymoon" and "doing it" referring to teenagers having pre-marital sex.
Language: H-3; several OG/OMG; slang terms like "sucks;" "blows;" "fart;" "bite me;" "little harlot" and "screwed."
Violence: Some hitting; a man runs into a door.
Drugs: Some drinking.
Nudity: Some revealing outfits; part of a man's butt is briefly shown, but you really can't tell what it is.
Other: None


Company: Disney
Writer: Heather Hach
Director: Mark Waters
Producer: Andrew Gunn
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 86 min.
Starring: Jaime Lee Curtis and Lindsey Lohan
Reviewer: Movie Morality Ministries - Brian Hughes