Legally Blonde – Edited

Theatrical Release: September 1, 2003
DVD Release: September 1, 2003


Put your “dumb blond” jokes on hold – Elle Woods [Reese Witherspoon], beautiful blond college graduate with a degree in fashion design, could make you look dumb. Against advice of her college adviser, warning that her thesis on the history of polka dots won’t impress Harvard Law School’s stuffy admissions committee, Elle confidently submits a video essay. Initially, her sole purpose in attending law school is to win back her ambitious boyfriend [Matthew Davis], who jilted her because she doesn’t appear smart enough and she didn’t have Eastern Establishment Pedigree genes. Her presence on the prestigious Ivy League campus creates a beehive of gossip, snickers and animosity. The ditzy blonde from California wears outrageous outfits; best defined as costumes and takes notes in class with a pink-plumed pen and heart-shaped notepad. Her only friends at Harvard besides her Chihuahua Bruiser, are a manicurist [Jennifer Coolidge] and Emmett, a legal researcher [Luke Wilson]. This edited version was provided and edited by Family Flix.

Dove Review

I found myself grateful to be reviewing the edited version of this movie. Let me assure you that all the listed elements have been nuked out of this edited rendition. This young lady, Elle Woods, embodies the freshness, chutzpah, and healthy self-esteem people love to see in 20 something’s. She lets nasty barbs from her female Harvard classmates roll off her back, she walks in confidence while her recent wimpy boyfriend nuzzles up to his new fiancé, as she takes the bull by the horns and buckles down in her classes, after being sent out of class on the first day, not knowing there was an assignment. Elle’s heart, and not her drop-dead good looks are what eminently stand out in this edited version. Elle befriends her manicurist, while embracing her in friendship and, by example, leading her out of a destructive relationship. When Elle graduates from Harvard Law School, it’s her heart and the many and varied ways that she has touched so many peoples lives that shines. I recommend this edited version, for I believe it’ll touch your heart, too.

Content Description

Faith: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: MGM/UA Home Video
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 86 min.
Reviewer: Judy Mate'