Under The Tuscan Sun

Theatrical Release: September 26, 2003
Under The Tuscan Sun


Under the Tuscan Sun, a romantic comedy, is the story of a Frances (Diane Lane) who takes a trip to Tuscany to help escape the pain of the divorce she is unexpectedly thrown into. While there, the beauty of the country and the enchantment of taking a chance are too much to resist when she discovers a villa for sale and impulsively purchases it. In this film, Frances meets new friends, works through her grief, takes control of her life, and learns to not be afraid. The photography is beautiful and the characters are well cast. Also, it wasn’t entirely predictable.

Dove Review

Frances refers to herself as a fallen away Methodist. In her new home, she re-acquaints herself a little with the Virgin Mary, who is shown in paintings and statues. Mary brings her comfort. Frances is a good person who survives the pain associated with a husband who leaves her for another woman. However, due to the language and sexual references, I am unable to recommend this film as family approved.

Content Description

Although this was a very pretty film, it did have a few items which made it impossible for a Dove family approval rating.For example, early in the film, two lesbians kiss. Book review discussion stated men reliving their horny teenage fantasies. We learn how to say “holy shit” in another language. There are various exclamations, “Jesus,” and “God I missed you.” There were other instances of the s-word, chicken s_, holy s_ and a what the “f-word am I doing. Frances kisses a virgin Mary painting after sleeping with a man she met. A woman is posing in the nude (with feathers carefully placed to cover her critical areas) while a man in tight undies supposedly paints her. (More is suggested here when she caresses his behind.) There is a fair amount of social drinking, a completely gratuitous major cleavage shot, two teenagers on a bed in their underclothes kissing passionately (and an ensuing discussion of horny teens), a couple of bra scenes, and Frances reaching down to her lover’s crotch asking what he calls “that” in Italian. There was also a discussion of an “ass facial,” which you would probably call an “assial.” Frances calls her friend a “tough Dyke.”


Company: Touchstone Pictures
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 110 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Starring: Diane Lane
Reviewer: Linda Eagle