In America

Theatrical Release: December 19, 2003
In America


Johnny (Paddy Considine) and Sarah (Samantha Morton) were a happily married couple from Ireland with their two daughters Christy (Sarah Bolger) and Ariel (Emma Bolger). After suffering a grievous tragedy, they uproot and move to America to find a new beginning in the early 1980s. They land in the ghettos of Manhattan and end up in a run-down apartment building. Johnny pursues an acting career and Sarah works in a local diner as they seek to provide for their children against tough odds. They continue in their love for each other and wrestle through the process of healing from the tragedy that struck them. This close-knit family of four experience great joys and victories as well as disappointments as they venture into their new life. You may find yourself in tears as you enter the dreams and struggles of this family.

Dove Review

The portrayal of real life and tragedy carries this story from the screen to the inner recesses of the heart. The enduring quality of this family in the midst of real heartache shows how families can stick together through the troubles of this world. .” In America is a deeply moving and motivating film on the fulfillment of commitment and “sticking things through.” A short, unnecessary sex scene does enter the film, however. This and the use of some obscene language, though arguably appropriate for the tragic story and not excessive, keep Dove from awarding this film the Dove Seal, This being said, In America could be viewed by mature younger audiences. This one is more uplifting than the other immigrant film in theaters now, House of Sand and Fog.

Content Description


Company: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 103 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13