Soul Plane

Theatrical Release: May 28, 2004
Soul Plane


Soul Plane is an urban comedy. Nashawn Wade (Kevin Hart) wins a $100 million legal settlement against a big conglomerate airline due to an unfortunate mishap that he experienced in the airplane’s lavatory. Nashawn takes this new wealth and starts his own all-black airline, NWA (perhaps short for “not white airlines”). In its maiden voyage, the purple and chrome airplane, sporting spinning wheel rims and hydraulics, bounces down the runway to a rapper’s beat and then takes off. The pilot of the plane, Captain Mack (Snoop Dogg), has an illegitimate pilot’s license and is afraid of heights, but he sounds good over the loud speakers. Elvis Hunkey (Tom Arnold), his girlfriend and his two children seem to be the only white people on the plane. Soul Plane is one big flying party with a complete dance club, bar, casino, Jacuzzi and live entertainment. Much of the humor pokes fun at and exaggerates African-American culture.

Dove Review

Soul Plane offers few funny moments that aren’t morally filthy in some way. The actress Mo’Nique portrays a security agent that is rude, crude and lewd. She insults travelers with vulgarity, and she sexually harasses men that she finds physically pleasing. A man on the plane states, “Every woman is going to be pregnant by the time this plane lands.” A teenage girl, only hours away from her 18th birthday, briefly lists for her father a variety of sexual activities that she wants to participate in as soon as she becomes of legal age. The vulgar language with nearly 50 f-words, the gratuitous sexual themes and the excessive use of drugs and alcohol make Soul Plane a flight that you will want to miss.

Content Description


Company: MGM/UA
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 87 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Movie Morality Ministries - Brian Hughes