National Lampoons Gold Diggers

Theatrical Release: September 17, 2004
DVD Release: March 29, 2005
National Lampoons Gold Diggers


National Lampoon’s Gold Diggers is a comedic adventure about two boyhood friends, Cal (Will Friedle) and Lenny (Chris Owen), who are in hot pursuit of the American Dream. After a failed attempt at purse snatching, the two disguise themselves as a rabbi and a nun and attempt to hold up two elderly sisters, Betty and Doris Mundt (Renee Taylor and Louise Lasser). Using pepper spray and a stun gun, the sisters foil the plot, and the guys end up behind bars. The sisters come from a wealthy family (their grandfather invented condoms), but the money is kept in a safe by Uncle Walt, a senile World War II veteran. The Mundt sisters’ only hope at wealth is to bail out the young men, marry them and then kill them for the insurance money. Cal and Lenny reluctantly agree, figuring that their aging wives can’t live much longer. Their collective pursuit of the money takes the newlywed couples back to Uncle Walt.

Dove Review

Cal and Lenny are likeable characters, but their idea of the American Dream is money and sex. Labeled the dumbest criminals in America, the guys find their big break when their paths cross with the two old ladies. When the two mismatched couples marry, the ceremony is performed by a profanity-laced pastor. The sex-starved elderly women torment their young husbands with sexy lingerie, handcuffs, whips and whipped cream. The constant barrage of bathroom humor and sexual dialog make this a movie to avoid. It would have been better to title the movie Grave Diggers and bury it in an unmarked grave hidden from the public.

Content Description


Company: P And A Distributors
Director: Gary Preisler
Producer: Don Ashley
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 87 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Movie Morality Ministries - Henry Rogers