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After the Sunset

This action comedy begins at the end with the retirement of Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan), a master jewel thief. Max and his partner and lover, Lola (Salma Hayek), plan to spend the rest of their lives enjoying the warm breezes on a Caribbean island. But is it coincidence that this just happens to be the docking place of a cruise ship carrying a rare diamond collection? Stan (Woody Harrelson), an FBI agent who has been trying to catch Max in the act for years, doesn’t think so. Stan has been humiliated by Max and wants to settle the score once and for all, so he teams up with the local policewoman (Naomie Harris) to put Max away for good. Meanwhile, Lola is only interested in one diamond — an engagement ring from Max. But Max will have to resist the temptation to come out of retirement for one more big score.
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If you have seen “The Thomas Crown Affair” with Pierce Brosnan, then you for all practical purposes have seen this film. Some may feel that Salma Hayek is much more attractive than Rene Russo, but that is a matter of opinion. Max Burdett and Thomas Crown are very similar characters. They are both thieves, they are both clever, they both plan things down to the smallest detail, and they both deceived their women. Brosnan doesn’t have the same arrogance that he emanates from his other roles, which is one reason why I like him in this. He is much more down to earth and believable as Max. Woody Harrelson, whom I haven’t cared for since his days on Cheers, does a surprising job as Stan the FBI agent.

While older audiences who are fans of Brosnan, Harrelson or Hayek might indeed really enjoy this film, for family audiences it is not the crown jewel by any means. It is filled with sexual encounters, foul language and skimpy costumes that are far too revealing for the younger audience.

It’s a real game of cat and mouse as both Max and Stan try to outsmart each other. There are some funny moments too, like when Max has to spend the night in Stan’s hotel suite only to discover that he and Stan have to share the same bed. Max also has some fun with some cool Bond-type gadgets. Unfortunately, the sex and language prevent us from awarding the Dove seal to this film.

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Some fighting. Man hit with bucket; man hit with gun; man shot in the stomach; man hit in the head with a musical instrument; woman is slapped.


There is plenty of sex in this film. Max and Lola live together and frequently engage in sexual relations. Stan and the local police women "hook-up."


H; S; JC; B; OMG, SOB; A.


Some fighting. Man hit with bucket; man hit with gun; man shot in the stomach; man hit in the head with a musical instrument; woman is slapped.


Some drinking; man smokes cigar.


Many cleavage shots. Woman is seen in outfit that hides nothing. Lola gets naked and climbs in tub with Max. Lola takes off robe and is in bra and panties.



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