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National Treasure

A secret from our nation’s past will lead to the greatest adventure in history. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer (“Pirates of the Caribbean,” “The Rock,” and “Armageddon”) and director Jon Turteltaub (“Phenomenon,” “While You Were Sleeping”) team up to bring you “National Treasure.”

Academy Award®-winner Nicolas Cage stars as the brilliant Benjamin Franklin Gates, third generation treasure hunter. All his life, Gates has been searching for a treasure no one believed existed: amassed through the ages, moved across continents, to become the greatest treasure the world has ever known. Hidden by our Founding Fathers, they left clues to the treasure’s location right before our eyes…from our nation’s birthplace, to the nation’s capitol, to clues buried within the symbols on the dollar bill. Gates’ life-long journey leads him to the last place anyone thought to look: a map hidden on the back of the Declaration of Independence. But what he thought was the final clue is only the beginning.

Gates realizes that in order to protect the world’s greatest treasure, he must now do the unthinkable: steal the most revered, best guarded document in American history before it falls into the wrong hands. In a race against time, Gates must elude the FBI, stay one step ahead of his ruthless adversary (Sean Bean), decipher the remaining clues and unlock the 2000 year-old mystery behind our greatest national treasure.
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Dove Review

I really hope this film does well at the box office because it is the type of film that Dove has been encouraging Hollywood to make. It has all of the positive elements that make for good entertainment but contains little of the objectionable content that keep family audiences away from many films.

“National Treasure” is well written, the premise is believable, it is directed well, it’s funny, exciting, and keeps your interest from beginning to end. I really liked the entire film and believe family audiences should flock to see it in tremendous numbers. If you want to send a message to Hollywood that you want high quality films that are free from graphic sex, violence, nudity, foul language, drugs and occult content, then you should go and see “National Treasure.”

While not totally free from objectionable content it is far more family-friendly than most films made. It contains some shooting, one man falls from some stairs to his death, and there is one mild profanity. Other than those, this film relies on the story, acting, directing and editing to carry the audience on a wild treasure hunt. I encourage families to go see this family treasure. Enjoy!

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Some shooting with nobody actually getting shot; man tied up to chair; man falls from stairs; car chase; ship explodes.


Man and woman kiss.


D-1;G/ OMG-6; Holy L*rd-1


Some shooting with nobody actually getting shot; man tied up to chair; man falls from stairs; car chase; ship explodes.


Some drinking at a party.


Mild cleavage.


There are scenes that deal with the Masonic Temple and their "mystic" traditions.

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