Theatrical Release: December 3, 2004


Dan (Jude Law), an obituary writer for a London newspaper, rescues tourist Alice (Natalie Portman), a young stripper from New York who falls in front of a car at a busy intersection. She moves in with him, and later Dan meets Anna (Julia Roberts), a successful commercial photographer, and decides to pursue her. Larry (Clive Owen), a doctor who talks dirty with Dan on the Internet, thinks his chat-room partner is named Anna. The real Anna and Larry meet and fall in love, adding a new layer to a sordid tale of betrayal and lies as the two couples make a complete mess of their lives. Closer supports the current “reality” craze by thinking the public wants to hear and see just how disgusting human beings can be.

Dove Review

This is the second movie in the last three weeks that I’ve reviewed with Jude Law portraying an sex crazed adult with a maturity level of middle school adolescent. The lives of Dan, Anna, Larry and Alice are all messed up, they have no moral compass and don’t think twice about lying and cheating. This film should have been rated NC 17. While it didn’t show sexual encounters, it discussed them throughout in graphic detail. And when I say graphic detail, I mean it. I’d be surprised if dialog is this graphic in an X rated film. “Try lying for a change, it’s the currency of the world”, a line Jude Law says totally sums up the additude of this film.

I can’t believe Julia Roberts would stoop so low as to even be in this film. This film wasn’t entertaining, it was depressing. It’s a dirty film and makes the viewer feel dirty and disgusted. I wish there was something positive I could say about this film because normally I really like Julia Roberts, but there isn’t. About as close as you will want to get to “Closer” is the next theatre.

Content Description

Sex: Dialog about sex runs through the entire movie. Graphic no holds barred dialog. Sick, disgusting dialog
Language: well over 35 F-words, J-3, bastard-4, s-word-2, a_-holes, several slang terms for a penis, b-word, obscene slang word for orgasm - 6, many many others
Violence: man slaps women
Drugs: smoking and drinking
Nudity: several scenes at a strip club where woman are shown bare chested and with g-strings on. Man makes stripper take everything off so he can watch.
Occult: none


Company: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 98 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Dave Lukens