Sky High

Theatrical Release: July 29, 2005
DVD Release: November 29, 2005
Sky High


Even the kids of superheroes have to go to high school in this comedy. But freshman Will Stronghold’s (Michael Angarano) first day at Sky High, a high school for the sons and daughters of the superpowered, proves daunting. As the son of the two greatest heroes, Captain Stronghold (Kurt Russell) and Josie Jetstream (Kelly Preston), everyone expects him to have doubly dynamic powers. Instead, he’s got no powers at all. Is his lack of zap due to his being a late bloomer, or is he one of the few who will never bloom? While he waits and wonders, he’s placed in the school’s hero-support track with kids whose powers don’t measure up to the hero standard. Instead of running with the supercrowd, this regular kid finds friends in the sidekicks, whose powers are less than impressive. He then must face the bullying of the supercrowd.

Dove Review

It was great to see Kurt Russell go back to his roots in this action packed super hero movie from Disney. Made in the classic tradition, “Sky High” flies up to a super level of fun for the family. Lessons are learned about the value of friendship and family as these super kids learn how to get along with others who all have their own unique gifts in life. Many kids and adults will see themselves in the various rolls cast for the sidekicks and super heroes in this film. Teamwork and loyalty all come together in the end to defeat the villains. Don’t forget to “Power Up!” for this thrilling ride!

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Super kids fight each other with their powers. Mild violence.
Sex: Kids kiss a couple of times.
Language: Kiss butt; Bite me.
Violence: Super kids fight each other with their powers. Mild violence.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Disney
Writer: Paul Hernandez and Robert Schooley
Director: Mike Mitchell
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 102 min.
Reviewer: Scott Rolfe