Red Fury

Theatrical Release: September 13, 2005
DVD Release: September 13, 2005
Red Fury


In the tradition of “Where the Red Fern Grows” comes a heartwarming story about a boy and his horse. Lost and alone, a young Indian boy travels through the wilds of the old west. He finds shelter with a widowed horse trainer, who names him Frankie and teaches the outcast the tricks of the trade. Follow this heartwarming story as Frankie battles pride and prejudice to find true friendship and understanding in an unbreakable stallion deemed Red Fury.

Dove Review

When I was a kid we watched movies such as “Old Yeller,” ” Rin Tin Tin” and “National Velvet.” This is the same kind of heartwarming, wholesome movie about the old west, a young boy and his horse, and a kind man. There are many issues that this film deals with, along with the story about the boy and Red Fury. These issues are not too much different than those that are still being dealt with today. One of the issues is the prejudice that people have when someone is different. The whole family will love this movie. Get the popcorn, get the soda pop, and don’t forget the box of Kleenex, you might need that too.

Content Description

Sex: Horses are going to breed but not shown on screen.
Language: Little boy is called a halfbreed.
Violence: Boys gang up on Frankie and fight with him.
Drugs: Man drinks alcohol from bottle.
Nudity: Young boy shown in bath tub.
Other: None


Company: UAV Entertainment
Director: Lyman D Dayton
Producer: Lyman d. Dayton, Doug Stewart
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 105 min.
Starring: William Jordan, Katherine Cannon, Calvin Bartlett, Alan Hale, Jr.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe