AutoBGood: On the Road Again

Theatrical Release: September 14, 2005
DVD Release: October 1, 2005
AutoBGood: On the Road Again


Your AutoBGood pals will venture into places they’ve never been, and along the way learn valuable life lessons. The Bible’s road map allows these cars to operate on all cylinders and discover their place in the world. So hang on, because it’s going to be a wild , fun ride! An hour of life changing values and full-throttle fun!

“No Rules Allowed” (Obedience): Obeying the rules – that’s the ticket! But a club with no rules sounds even better…or does it?

“Shop ’til You Drop” (Self-control): Everything is on sale! And Cali can’t resist “saving” so much money that she hurts herself in the process… but a true friend helps her regain control.

“Center of the Universe” (Politeness): EJ is the Center of the Universe – or so he’d like to think. But life at the center is no match for the crusty Erod. Can EJ resist Erod’s ways?

“Slippery Slope” (Truthfulness): Only a few days before the 4X4 championships. Maria is training very hard. Will her desire to win become an obstacle she can’t overcome?

“Bully Bully” (Kindness): Fight! Fight! EJ’s Little scuffle causes everyone to receive an extra assignment. Can EJ get his assignment done before the weekend is over? Can EJ discover the meaning of kindness?

Dove Review

I am just in awe of this series. The animation and the story lines are great. This is a fantastic tool for children of any age but I think that the pre-teen and teen age kids would enjoy this the most. The values that each story tells are so cool, and how the situations are handled will help so many young people today. I am looking forward to watching the 3 other DVDs I have from the “AutoBGood” series. These are great for the family, the classroom, and/or your youth group. Also included in this DVD is a operator’s manual with a maintenance schedule showing a Bible verse for each moral value and other topics that can be discussed.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Rising Star Studios
Writer: John Ingelin
Genre: Children
Runtime: 60 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe