Broken Flowers

Theatrical Release: August 5, 2005
Broken Flowers


“Broken Flowers” is a humorous, offbeat comedy about Don Johnston (Bill Murray), a middle-aged, unemotional, Don Juan has-been, who finds himself alone with no girlfriends or family. On the day that his latest girlfriend (Julie Delpy) leaves, he receives a mysterious pink letter that says he has a 19-year-old son who may be looking for him. Don sets out to find his son, and his neighbor (Jeffrey Wright) helps him by locating four of the women (Sharon Stone, Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy, Tilda Swinton) in Don’s past and gives him a package with an airplane ticket and driving directions to each of their homes. After returning from an inconclusive trip, Don sees a young man (Mark Webber) who may be his son. But something Don says sends him running down the street as fast as he can, leaving Don, once again, alone.

Dove Review

This film received mixed reviews from many critics and is only a limited-release production. But, as a long-time fan of Bill Murray, I was excited to review this film for myself. In “Broken Flowers,” Murray steps even further away from the comedic films of his past. Much of this film is based on what isn’t said but rather felt, portrayed to us through the body language of the actors, most notably Murray, who does a fantastic job. This movie had all the makings of a dramatic masterpiece until, for no apparent reason, the director chose to shock the audience with the graphic full-frontal nudity of an implied minor. It was completely unnecessary and instantly detracted from the movie and all that it had going for it. The scene was incredibly disappointing because there were so many options the director had.

Content Description

Sex: Man and woman live together outside of marriage; it is implied that a man has had many sexual partners outside of marriage.
Language: F-4; GD-1.
Violence: Man beaten up off camera, he is shown afterwards bruised and bloodied.
Drugs: Man smokes marijuana.
Nudity: Camera shot of woman’s thigh; side-view of breast; graphic full-frontal nudity of implied minor; implied minor in bra and panties.
Other: None


Company: Focus Features
Writer: Jim Jarmusch
Director: Jim Jarmusch
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 105 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Sarah Strong