Bee Season

Theatrical Release: November 11, 2005
DVD Release: April 4, 2006
Bee Season


11-year-old Eliza Naumann comes from an odd family; they all divert their emotional frustrations into secret channels. When Eliza unexpectedly begins winning spelling bees, what had been a stable dynamic within the family becomes disrupted; long held secrets emerge, and a latent spiritual yearning is awakened in her withdrawn father Saul and compulsive mother Miriam. As Eliza moves closer and closer to the national spelling bee, the Naumann family finds itself in a spiral of surprising discovery and jarring uncertainty.

Dove Review

It’s unfortunate that “Bee Season” cannot be approved due to language because the overarching theme of the movie is one worthy of discussion. It’s a deeply moving story about a Jewish family and their individual pursuits of a one-on-one relationship with God. Be prepared! This is by no means a light-hearted portrayal; rather, the film is filled with such tension that the weight of it’s questions linger long after you leave the theatre. I attended this film with a friend and she disliked it for all the mystical qualities, religious references and questions that went unanswered; on the contrary, I felt like it was a conversation starter for those grappling with the idea of faith.

Content Description

Sex: Man and woman kissing; flashbacks to husband and wife having intercourse (not graphic, just silhouettes); husband and wife have intercourse in his office - no nudity shown, just the woman undressing.
Language: F-2; GD-1; S-1.
Violence: Father grabs son and son reacts violently.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Young man half dressed exiting shower; woman in her slip.
Other: Little girl convulses; disturbing flashback of a car accident.


Company: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Producer: Albert Berger
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 104 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Sarah Strong