Choice to Cherish, A (Manuscript)

Theatrical Release: November 28, 2005


In short order we learn that talking things out rather than fighting or arguing can resolve the most difficult times in our lives. At the request of his mother, young Alan must cancel a skiing trip with his buds right before the holidays so he can visit his estranged and very ill grandfather, George, whom he has not seen or talked to for the past ten years. He’s not looking forward to it, and his father wants nothing to do with Grandpa.

A family breach has put the entire family at odds with one another, and the trip to the mountain cabin seems dismal until Alan meets Robin. It’s innocent love at first sight – but she is quite different from all the girls he’s ever known. Robin knows George, the grandfather, but she also knows God – something Alan knows nothing about. At George’s cold, mountain cabin, Alan cuts down and helps decorate a Christmas tree, but there are no gifts to place beneath it. George has Alan open his safe, which contains eight very special items. George tells Alan to place them all under the tree and that Alan may choose one for himself as a birthday/Christmas gift, but he must read every story George has written about each keepsake first.

Through these stories and time with Robin, Alan learns the secrets of his grandfather’s life – his shame, his triumphs, his love for God and the cause of the family breach. Alan’s reward comes when he makes the right choice and three generations are affected by his doing so. “A Choice To Cherish” is all about making the right decision when you have the chance.

Dove Review

“A Choice to Cherish” is a wonderful story of redemption, forgiveness and compassion. Hillman writes a fantastic script from the book of the same name. The characters are well defined and the story is sure to be a family favorite.

George Kinnunen is an elderly man of ill health. He has been estranged from his son and grandson for many years and in the opening scene is all alone suffering a heart attack. Alan, George’s grandson, while packing for a ski trip with his college pals is ordered by his mother to go immediately to his grandfather’s side. Alan reluctantly complies and ends up at his grandfather’s house, a man he barely knows.

While starting to build a relationship with his grandfather, Alan meets a beautiful woman named Robin. She is a compassionate Christian who once lived next door to George, who became the grandfather she never had.

The story rolls forth from there with Alan growing closer to both his grandfather and Robin. Christmas is just around the corner and George gives Alan some potential gifts, but he must choose between them. Which one will he choose and why? The mystery is masterfully told in such a heartwarming manner that I can’t wait to see it on the silver screen. Hillman’s “A Choice to Cherish” will make a marvelous film.

Content Description

Sex: Man and woman kiss.
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Destiny Entertainment
Writer: William Byron Hillman (screenplay), Alan Maki (novel)
Genre: Drama
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Dave Lukens