Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

Theatrical Release: June 30, 1989
DVD Release: October 8, 2002
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids


Rick Moranis stars as a preoccupied inventor who just can’t seem to get his electra-magnetic shrinking machine to work. Then, when he accidentally shrinks his kids down to 1/4-inch tall and tosses them out in the trash, the real adventure begins! Now the kids face incredible dangers as they try to make their way home through the jungle of their own backyard! Hurricane sprinklers! Dive-bombing bees! A runaway lawn mower and much, much more!

Dove Review

This is an imaginative and wholesome movie for the entire family. Very young children may possibly be frightened of the giant ant or bee the shrunken kids encounter, but most of the film is free from such scenes. The special effects hold up pretty well and the scene with the father eating his cereal without realizing his son is in the milk still packs a humorous punch and makes the most of a tense moment in the movie.

We recommend this movie for all ages and some kids will be pretending they have shrunken after viewing this film.

Content Description

Sex: Kissing between teens.
Language: H-1; G/OMG-3; childish name calling such as "worm."
Violence: A large insect attacks a character; a lawn mower almost sucks up some characters; a character destroys a machine in anger.
Drugs: A character quitting cigarettes almost smokes but doesn't.
Nudity: A man in his boxers.
Other: A character tells his dad he will mow the lawn and then hires another kid to do it.


Company: Buena Vista Home Video
Writer: Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna and Ed Naha and Tom Schulman
Director: Joe Johnston
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 93 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter