The Big Question

Theatrical Release: March 17, 2006
DVD Release: April 4, 2006
The Big Question


Each one of us has been touched by this question, featuring the cast and crew of “The Passion Of The Christ.” Set against the stunning historical backdrop of “The Passion of the Christ,” cast and crew of the acclaimed film are interviewed about their concepts of spirituality. Most of them are Christian, at least by culture, and others are Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or with no religious affiliation at all. The stories that emerge – some mysterious, others humorous, wacky, thoughtful and frightening – touch everyone: believers, atheists, agnostics and the undecided. While there are no easy answers, what does reveal itself is that the questions that preoccupied so many people so long ago are equally as profound today.

Dove Review

This documentary deals with the existence of God. Questions are asked such as, “Who is God for me?” “Is God male?” “How do you pray?” “Are there miracles today?” A variety of answers are given by actors, rabbis, ministers, Christians, Jews, Muslims and non-believers. This can be a faith-builder as Mel Gibson speaks of the gradual revelation he received of God over the years and that he unquestioningly believes that God answers prayer and performs miracles today. One man sings “What a friend we have in Jesus,” with great joy. The people interviewed run the gamut from a girl who said she wasn’t taught anything about God and doesn’t know what she believes, to a man who says he does not believe in the existence of God. Jim Caviezel, who starred in “The Passion Of The Christ,” shares his view as well. This is Dove approved with the warning that parental guidance is necessary for children so as to guide them away from the doubt and skepticism that a few display. Also, there is a reference to drugs in the documentary. This DVD is approved for ages twelve and above.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: Cleavage
Other: Some religions and beliefs that don't include the God of the Bible.


Company: ThinkFilm
Director: Francesco Cabras and Alberto Molinari
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 75 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter