See No Evil

Theatrical Release: May 19, 2006
See No Evil


Seven feet tall. Four hundred pounds. A rusty steel plate screwed into his skull and razor-sharp fingernails that pluck out his victims’ eyes. Reclusive psychopath Jacob Goodnight is holed up in the long-abandoned and rotting Blackwell Hotel, alone with his nightmares until eight petty criminals show up for community service duty along with the cop who put a bullet in Jacob’s head four years ago. When one of their own is kidnapped by the killer and her fate uncertain, the remaining lawbreakers must fight this indestructible force of nature with a violent score to settle.

Dove Review

Of all the bad horror movies that are out there, I found “See No Evil” to be particularly offensive. Not only is the acting terrible and the plot transparently thin, the themes presented are quite horrific and disgusting. First of all, a cast of men and women who appear to be in their late 20’s portray a group of criminals from a juvenile correctional facility. These supposed teenaged criminals are sent to do community service cleaning up an old hotel; however, their host turns out to be a psychotic mom who has merely brought victims to her killer son. A gore-fest ensues, with the teens meeting a variety of gruesome and disgusting ends. Supposedly, the abusive and deranged mother drove her son to kill, and depictions of horrible child abuse flash throughout the film. The teen criminals constantly commit petty thefts and other acts of disrespect for the law and authority throughout the movie. A former drug-dealer and pimp harasses and threatens a young woman who use to work for him on the streets. Besides the gratuitous violence that is rampant throughout the film, there are many other reasons to avoid “See No Evil,” for it is truly a nightmare.

Content Description

Sex: Man and woman kiss and fondle each other. Numerous crude sexual references throughout film.
Language: F-18; OG/OMG-5; JC-2; H-3; D-6; S-17; B-7; A-6; 1 slang for genitalia; 1 sl*t.
Violence: People stabbed with hooks; men chopped with axe; peoples’ eyes pulled out; woman eaten alive by dogs; people hit with pipes; people fall off building; two people impaled; people slammed into walls; several dead bodies shown; child kept in cage; cell phone shoved down woman’s throat; man stabbed in eye; extremely graphic shots of internal organs being pierced with sharp objects.
Drugs: Drinking in two scenes; marijuana is smoked ; cigarettes smoked in a couple of scenes.
Nudity: Full body shot of woman in shower from behind. Young boy with his hand over his genitals
Occult: Woman says her son is "doing God's work" by killing people and that he is the hand of God.


Company: Lionsgate
Writer: Dan Madigan
Director: Gregory Dark
Producer: Joel Simon
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 100 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Samantha Kubik