Biblical Collectors Series Volume 4

DVD Release: April 25, 2006
Biblical Collectors Series Volume 4


Lost Biblical Treasures
The legendary Holy Grail, believed to be a relic of the Last Supper of Christ, has captured the world’s imagination for centuries. This simple peasant’s chalice sent the Knights of the Crusades across Europe, Britain and the Holy Land in hope of harnessing its mysterious powers. The quest for this ancient artifact continues to this day. Yet, after 2,000 years, no one has found the Holy Grail. Or have they? Why, after hundreds of years of silence about the Grail, did the Nazis suddenly decide to launch a search for this relic? Does a British psychologist actually have the Holy Grail in his possession? And if the Holy Grail has been found, can we access its legendary powers?

Noah’s Ark and the Biblical Flood
Nearly 200 ancient cultures with the capability to keep a written or an oral history have records of an all-encompassing flood – one with astonishing parallels to the biblical flood account of Noah’s Ark. Was there a deluge of such enormous proportion that it covered the entire earth? Was the entire population of the earth wiped out but for a handful of people? Has modern technology finally answered these questions? Some scientists now believe the biblical record of a worldwide flood can account for all of the world’s geographic anomalies – geologic abnormalities that, until now, have defied explanation. Astonishing new theories explain the flood that may have inundated the world in ancient times.

Biblical End Times
For thousands of years the Bible has warned of a vast array of cataclysmic disasters, and an apocalypse that will destroy most of the world in fulfillment of End Time prophecy. The prophet Daniel warned that in the last days, there would be a time of trouble such as never before. Were the tragic events of September 11 the realization of that prophecy? Is it possible that the ancients foresaw the wars, natural disasters and strife of the 21st Century? And what about the prophecies of others, such as Nostradamus and Father Malachi O’ Morgain? Are End Time warnings just stories from the ancient past, or do they depict a grim view of our immediate future?

Dove Review

Lost Biblical Treasures
This documentary is fascinating as it concentrates on two main lost biblical treasures – the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant. Is it possible that both have been found? If so, where are they now? Has the tomb of David, supposedly hidden, been robbed? This video offers compelling evidence and the comments of historians and even a Jewish Rabbi.

Noah’s Ark and The Biblical Flood
Was there a flood and has the ark been found? There are those who say they have seen the ark on the top of Mount Ararat. This interesting documentary examines the evidence including evidence from 360 AD, 1254 AD, and 1269 AD. The video takes the viewer from the historical story of the Bible to modern times in its attempt to definitively prove the ark existed and indeed, in some form survives to this day.

Biblical End Times
This video will capture the imagination of anyone who has ever wondered about the End Times according to the Bible. Bible teachers and experts discuss coming world events and the great sorrows which the Bible predicted. Are we living in the end times now? Does Israel becoming a nation in 1948 have anything to do with the end times? According to one Bible scholar, 668 of 1000 biblical prophecies have come to pass, leaving 332 yet to be fulfilled in end times. Are we at the brink of the return of Christ? This video is scholarly and well done; Dove highly recommends it.

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Sex: None
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Violence: Images of past wars and possible future events.
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Company: Grizzly Adams Prod., Inc.
Writer: Joseph Meier
Director: David Priest
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 180 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter