Earth Energy (Manuscript)



This manuscript is about the earth’s history and the science involved and the scientific changes which have occurred over the vast number of years of the history of Earth. The script uses a voice-over and animation, and covers the earth from its beginnings to what might happen in the future, including more of a reliance on solar energy.

Dove Review

The author is obviously wealthy in scientific knowledge. The manuscript combines Earth’s history with various elements including the ocean floor, outer space, volcanoes and lava, to meteors and earthquakes. The idea of the voice-over works well with the intermittent scenes of various parts of the earth’s make-up, much of which would be done with animation. A medieval church is mentioned on page 64 but there is no mention of God as creator in the beginning; this may upset some viewers who would otherwise enjoy the scientific facts in this manuscript. The author does mention the concern of global warming and her description of the grazing buffalo is nicely done.

Notes to the author:
This has great potential. I like how the scenes work so well with the voice-over. I do see a potential problem as the beginning of Earth’s origins are given without any mention of a creator. This could potentially turn off some viewers, but to your credit you do not speak in any negative way about the idea of God. I think to at least acknowledge the theory that God created the earth does not distract from your scientific knowledge. On page 67 it is stated as fact that over the earth’s history, the amount of ocean water has remained the same. The thought struck me as to how we would know that for sure–it would be good to give a source for the statement I think. Not that I doubt it, but it would be nice to give the sources of the information on occasion. I like how all the elements come together.

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Company: Exposition Management Intntl
Genre: Documentary
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter