Cowboy and the Señorita

Theatrical Release: June 24, 2021
DVD Release: June 24, 2021


Bad guy Craig Allen, gambler and town boss, tries to take a gold mine inherited by innocent Chip Williams on her seventeenth birthday. Roy and his pal ‘Teddy’ Bear ride to help the girl and her cousin.

Dove Review

This vintage Western is a fun watch, featuring the incomparable Roy Rogers who sings, plays guitar, rides a horse and helps fight against a bad guy who is trying to cheat a young woman out of her inheritance. Roy has a sidekick named Teddy Bear (Guinn “Big Boy” Williams), and they both must contend with false accusations. It seems a young woman named Chip (Mary Lee) has gone missing, possibly kidnapped, and when Roy finds a bracelet along the trail it turns out to be hers and the town folk accuse him of kidnapping her.

Roy and Teddy Bear assure the people Roy hasn’t kidnapped anyone but one man in particular, a man named Craig Allen, comes down hard on Roy. Roy and Teddy Bear flee their pursuers and head to the woods. There, they eat a chicken (which Teddy Bear stole), and they catch a young lady who pilfers a chicken leg from them. It turns out to be Chip, and Roy and Teddy Bear take her back to town to prove they were not the ones who kidnapped her. In fact, she ran away. She fled to find her dad’s treasure, a box in a local mine. Allen is about to purchase the mine and Chip wants to find the box before he does.

She has an older step-sister, Ysobel (Dale Evans), who wants to help her. It seems that the bracelet Roy found holds a clue to the treasure. But the dastardly Allen plans to steal the bracelet and to buy the mine before Chip learns the secret. Ysobel, being older, is the one responsible for selling the mine, and she hopes any mystery involving a treasure can be figured out before the sale is final.

During the story Roy sings a few songs including one that is, appropriately, about a cowboy and a senorita. Another catchy song is a tune about enchiladas! And in a festive opening number, Roy and Teddy Bear are at a fancy restaurant to sing and earn some much-needed money. A friend tells him that he’s so hungry he could eat Roy’s guitar. “If they don’t like this song, we both might eat it!” says Roy. There is dancing and fine dining. But when a young boy trips a waiter, he upsets a patron who blames the waiter for spilling food on him, and he adds that he doesn’t like singing with his meals, Roy is out of a job.

It turns out that the bracelet does indeed hold the key to what the treasure is, and as Craig Allen heads to court to see the judge to buy the mine, Roy and Teddy Bear race against the clock to get there to stop the sale. They literally race against time as Ysobel and Chip are about to sell the mine to Allen.

This adventure features the peppy cowboy songs of Roy Rogers and an interesting plot, and it is overall a wholesome watch for the entire family. It focuses on helping others, even when there is a price to pay. It has procured our Dove seal for All Ages.

The Dove Take

As Roy says in the movie, “Jumping catfish!” This is an exciting vintage western that the entire family can enjoy viewing.

Content Description

Sex: A couple kiss
Violence: There are scenes of guns being fired and characters are attempting to kill others, but there are no graphic scenes.
Drugs: One scene in which a man smokes a cigar.
Other: Card playing and gambling in a saloon; deceit and a man plans to buy a mine that he knows contains a treasure; characters argue and there is tension; a hungry man steals a chicken before being chased out of town.


Company: Cinedigm
Writer: Gordon Kahn (screenplay), Bradford Ropes (original story)
Director: Joseph Kane
Producer: Harry Grey
Genre: Western
Runtime: 78 min.
Reviewer: Ed C.