Blue Steel

Theatrical Release: June 29, 2021
DVD Release: June 29, 2021


U.S. marshal John Carruthers observes a robbery and Sheriff Jake thinks he may be the culprit. Meanwhile the town’s leading citizen is planning to rob everybody blind.

Dove Review

Blue Steel is one of John Wayne’s earliest westerns, and it holds up well, as we see the emerging “Duke” contending with thieves, greed, gunmen, and ultimately, romance! A lady named Betty Mason falls for him, and he for her.

Wayne plays Marshal John Carruthers, and not far into the film he deals with someone stealing money from a safe. The only clue left behind points to the crook known as the “Polka Dot Bandit.” Unfortunately, Sheriff Jake Withers (played by character actor Gabby Hayes), suspects the marshal as he spots him at the safe, not knowing he is examining clues left behind by the Polka Dot Bandit.

But the sheriff and marshal work together, while the sheriff still suspects the marshal of the crime. The film has a few scenes of humor added to the serious plot, including a scene in which a new married couple come to the hotel. “I suppose you want the bridal chamber?” asks the hotel clerk. The new groom grins at his bride, almost embarrassed. It’s a cute and funny moment.

Sheriff Withers “toasts” the marshal at one point, with coffee, saying, “Here’s mud in your eye!” They begin to form a bond, despite the sheriff’s questions about the marshal’s innocence. There are several typical western guns and shooting scenes, including one in which a woman’s dad is shot and killed. In a sad scene she is shown grieving over his body. In another scene a man is shot and falls over a cliff into the river, and another man appears to be shot and falls into the river too. The second man is actually the marshal, who rescues the first man, which just happens to be Sheriff Withers.

As the movie progresses it’s revealed that a man named Millgrove is trying to force people off their land because he’s aware of gold deposits in the earth. Will the marshal and sheriff be able to stop him? Will Marshal Carruthers and Betty Mason end up together, hopefully riding off into the sunset? You will have to watch this fast-paced western to learn all the details.

There are several fight scenes, and some characters are shot and killed, but no blood is shown. There is one scene in which a man has a cigarette in his mouth, but he doesn’t light up. In fact, the marshal winds up punching him in the mouth! The movie features good examples of working together, protecting others, and the importance of friendship. It is overall a wholesome film so we are awarding it our Dove seal for Ages 12+, although parents should consult the content listing as some kids under the age of 12 would be fine watching it. It is not intended for the very little ones. But it has earned our Dove seal.

The Dove Take

Watch John Wayne in one of his earliest westerns as he becomes a hero to the local town of Yucca city in this engaging western.

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Company: Cinedigm
Producer: Paul Malvern
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Ed C.