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The Lucy Show, Season 6

Lucy becomes a trainee flight attendant at Gobal Workd Airlines. She's teamed with fellow trainee Carol Tilford, who's afraid of heights. On their very first flight, the movie breaks, leaving the two to entertain the passengers.

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This episode of Lucy is “laugh-out-loud” funny! Lucy herself is humorous enough, a queen of comedy, but when you add Carol Burnett into the mix, the results are paroxysms of laughter. Carol, the guest star in this episode of The Lucy Show, is allowed to shine.

The episode kicks off with Lucy being late to the office. Mr. Mooney (Gale Gordon) gets after her. She explains she was picking up the mail. “Let me have it,” he says. “Oh, it’s for me,” she exclaims, as we learn she was picking up her own mail!

Lucy explains she advertised for a roommate, someone to help with half the groceries, half the utilities, etc. “Half the day’s gone by and you haven’t done anything yet!” booms Mooney. “It’s very difficult for two people to live together,” says Lucy. “That’s exactly what I said to my wife this morning,” Mooney replies.

In a funny moment, Lucy tosses one letter into the trash, saying, “I don’t want a roommate named Irving.” However, she finds a female applicant named Carol Bradford (Burnett), and she invites her to come live with her. Upon her entrance Carol, a librarian, trips down the steps going into the living room which makes for some funny physical comedy. When Lucy learns Carol wears glasses without lens, Carol explains she wears contact lens but doesn’t want “people thinking I’m vain!”

In another funny and candid moment, Carol explains that some people at the library are difficult, as they want you to find a book without knowing the author or the title, and you begin to search, she says, shelf after shelf to locate the book. ‘You want to say to them, ‘Drop dead!’” The line is so unexpected and her delivery so well timed it is a delightfully funny moment which speaks of how human nature can sometimes be, and how good it is that not everyone says exactly what’s on their mind.

The physical comedy is played out again when Carol brings her pet goldfish in, which is placed inside a bowl with-fortunately-a lid on it. Lucy takes the bowl and when she almost drops it and Carol grabs it, it’s another laugh-out-loud moment. Carol then places the goldfish in front of the TV set, because “he likes to watch TV. He likes to watch ‘Flipper’!”

Lucy invites some friends over, musicians, who bring their instruments over along with some wine. Lucy wants to get the single Carol into a little social activity. Carol, who usually just drinks water, drinks three glasses of wine when she’s told it’s just like drinking water, and the comedy continues when she lets go of her inhibitions. In fact, she goes from singing a calm church hymn to a rambunctious song about “hard-hearted Hannah!”

The show stays within our content guidelines and has earned our Dove seal, and has done so, for All Ages.

The Dove Take

We dare your family not to laugh while watching two comedy legends, Lucy and Carol Burnett, at their best.

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A woman sings a church hymn.


A few characters display kind behavior.


A woman lies and tells some guys another woman posed for bikini ads.






Some wine is brought to a party and a woman drinks three glasses in a row and becomes a bit inebriated.




A woman lies about her friend; tension between a boss and employee but it’s played for fun.

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