Finding Love in San Antonio

Finding Love in San Antonio


Adela Romero, a successful Los Angeles TV chef is offered a new network series that will send her travelling around Europe but when her young daughter’s heart is in San Antonio, and the restaurant where Adela got her start, is struggling, she must consider much more than just the excitement of personal fulfilment.   

Dove Review

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Beautiful Latino music introduces you to the diversity in this movie … with Spanish phrases and delicious cuisine that adds the exotic touch to a family-based support system capable of withstanding any adversities in any language or culture. Dove-approved for the entire family and for all ages!  

Despite her success and popularity as a TV chef, Adela Romero (Valentina Izarra) is devastated when David Agraponte (George Akram), a food critic from her hometown of San Antonio, puts her down and tells her she has lost touch with her viewers and now cooks only for the rich, based on her hard-to-find ingredients.  After shooting the last episode, Adela takes her daughter, Fabiola (Isabella Rivera-Gandulla), back to San Antonio for the summer to stay with her mother-in-law, Soccorro (Marisa Del Portillo).  But when Adela’s manager announces she has been offered a chance to travel Europe with her cooking show, she is torn between this exciting opportunity and her daughter’s resistance to leaving San Antonio.  Fabi is not impressed that Adela, her widowed mom, spends so much time working and now after planning for a year to spend summer in San Antonio, it’s about to be cancelled. 

When Soccorro loses her chef at Romero’s, her struggling restaurant, Adela offers to fill in…it was kind of nice being back in the kitchen where she started her career…  Adela suggests they buy local to show her what a difference fresh ingredients can make…too expensive for the budget and Soccorro announces she is thinking of selling. 

David insists on doing another story for the San Antonio paper, this time not so critical.  And with Adela developing a new menu, it’s the right time to make San Antonio fall in love with Romero’s all over again.  To add to the drama, David confesses he’s always had a crush on Adela…

As Adela’s menu catches on and David keeps popping into her life, there is a chemistry happening that Adela is not prepared for, but Soccorro encourages Adela to be happy in her heart, and hints that it’s OK for her to enjoy David’s company. 

With so many pressures, and her manager’s ultimatum, “Europe or San Antonio,” Adela must make decisions that will be life-changing for her family, but most of all, for herself. 

The Dove Take

It’s devastating to miss a loved one so much that you deprive yourself of forever happiness, but meaningful words spoken with kindness can make all the difference especially when family is at the root of it.

Content Description

Sex: Gentle kisses and hugs
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: Liquor consumption at book reading with wine bottles on counter; no abuse of alcohol or bad behavior
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: American Cinema Inspires
Genre: Drama Romance
Runtime: 86 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Carole H.