Road to Redemption



Fearing that terrible events are about to unfold in the world, Brock Tanner decides he and his son, Dylan, should leave Chicago for safer environs in Oregon. The question is, can the Tanners outrun what some consider impossible to elude?

Dove Review

The Road to Redemption features a strained father/son relationship. Brock, a retired FBI agent, decides to move from Chicago to Oregon, bringing along his teenage son, Dylan. After Brock and Dylan’s mom separated, she tragically died, leaving Dylan to blame his father for not protecting her.

As a former FBI agent, Brock worked with a team focused on end-of-the-world scenarios, how to prepare for them, how to anticipate their endgames. Naturally prepared for the worst, Brock handles an unexpected EMP attack with calmness—despite Dylan’s panic.

Stranded on the side of the road with a camper that won’t start, the two head for the nearest town to see what damage was done, but Brock’s foot gets caught in a bear trap, leaving them both susceptible to the chaos that the EMP created. Along the way, a surprise character visits Brock, anoints him with oil, and watches God perform a big miracle that creates physical, emotional, and spiritual healing between father and son.

Renewed from the inside out, Brock and Dylan are ready to take on whatever adventures this unsure season brings.

The Road to Redemption has an end-of-times feel, an apocalyptic chaos and unsteadiness that points characters to Christ without wild violence or inappropriate content. While a few guns show up, and a few words like “stupid” and “I hate you” make their way on screen, parents should note that older youth and teens would benefit from the relational and spiritual healing in this film.

Due to these positive elements, The Road to Redemption earns the Dove Seal for Ages 12+.


The Dove Take

The Road to Redemption presents the relational healing of a father and son who learn to trust Christ amidst apocalyptic times.

Content Description

Faith: Brock and Dylan come to Christ. A surprise character prays over Brock and is used to perform a miracle. Constant theme of faith over fear.
Sex: None
Sex: None
Language: "Stupid”, “I hate you”
Violence: Though no true violence occurs, guns are presented as defense. Dylan learns to safely carry and shoot a gun. Brock’s bear trap injury isn’t for young viewers.
Drugs: Brock discusses his past with alcoholism and his brother’s drug problem.
Nudity: None
Other: An apocalyptic theme that discusses pandemics, war, EMPs, and other heavier content not suitable for young children.


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Chip Rosetti
Genre: Action Comedy Drama
Runtime: 45 min.
Reviewer: Peyton G.