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Christmas at Castlebury Hall

A young woman travels to Europe with her niece and nephew to stay in a beautiful castle for the holidays at the invitation of an estranged relative and finds herself falling for a dashing prince.

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Dove-approved for All Ages, this movie, with a beautiful heartfelt storyline that brings estranged family together, is inspirational and brings hope and joy to a sad and grumpy man who is transformed through kindness and strength of family.  The music is orchestral with a sprinkling of Christmas carolers, and live musicians at the Christmas Ball. 

As a little girl, Jules Daly (Katie McGrath) dreamed of travelling to far-away places where fairy tales came true, but alas, when Jules grew up, she was still in Buffalo… working at the Buffalo Antique shoppe. She is also the legal guardian of her 7-year-old niece, Maddie (Leilah de Meza) and teenage nephew, Milo (Travis Turner) who lost both parents at Christmastime and have behavioral issues.  To add to her woes, she is laid off from her job and her nanny quits.

A knock at the door brings Mr. Paisley Winterbottom (Miles Richardson) to her home, who introduces himself as someone who works for Maddie’s grandfather.  The little girl says in wonderment, “I have a grandfather?”  Jules lays down the facts, the grandfather has not been mentioned since he cut off his son, Charles, for marrying Jules’ sister. But Paisley is here to invite Jules, Milo, and Maddie to spend Christmas at Castlebury Hall and the tickets will arrive tonight. Jules is resentful but agrees to “think about it.”

As Jules cries and talks to her sister’s photo, she realizes she is in big trouble…no job, Milo is angry all the time, and Maddie needs constant supervision. The clink in the mail slot is the arrival of the airline tickets.  The decision is made.

The limousine drive to Castlebury Hall ends in a line of servants waiting to receive the family.  Each has a servant assigned and are shown to their elaborate palatial rooms. When Jules literally bumps into Ashton (Sam Heughan) Charles’ brother, it is an awkward encounter.  Dinner introduces the children’s grandfather, the great Duke Edward Huntington (Roger Moore), but when Milo asks why he gave the family the “shaft” all these years, Duke Edward does not hesitate in saying that their mother did not have a title so therefore was not suitable to marry his son, and the family was ostracized. Now after a near death experience, he has had a change of heart and they are here and are “family.” 

Duke Edward does not like Christmas because it makes him think of losing Charles.  Jules refuses to accept there will be no decorated tree and sets out to make this a special Christmas for the children. She brings laughter into the quiet halls and gives everyone a reason to celebrate.   

As Jules and Ashton get to know each other, Ashton is intrigued with Jules’ ability to transform the cold castle into a  place of joy with a very large Christmas tree, lights, and atmosphere.  Girlfriend Lady Arabella (Charlotte Salt) is annoyed when Ashton misses their dinner engagement because he was teaching Jules how to waltz.  When Jules overhears an upsetting conversation between the Duke and Ashton that seems to target her, she is heartbroken, packs her bag and silently leaves making the children promise not to tell anyone until after she is gone.

But when Servant Mrs. Birch (Oxana Moravec) discovers Jules is gone, a flurry of activity causes Jules to make life-changing decisions as Prince Ashton, too, realizes where his heart wants to be.

The Dove Take

Relationships need to be consciously nurtured to remain healthy, and it’s never too late to repair the damage but don’t wait for a near death experience to do it!  

Dove Rating Details


Little Maddie says a sweet bedtime prayer and asks God to bless everyone and make Grandpa less grumpy; it’s a Christian Christmas throughout






Teenager says, “sh*t” when he is grounded, and “that is bull----” but doesn’t finish the word; unkind words between the Duke and his only living son, Ashton, who knows Charles was his father’s favorite.




Brandy is sipped; no abuse of alcohol





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