Toby Goes to Camp



One part animal adventure, one part human musical, and all parts fun. Toby Goes to Camp is the heartwarming follow up to Toby’s Big Adventure. In his latest adventure, Toby is off to summer camp. Kids to play with, sailing, sports, singing, dancing, and camp fires, all of which sounds awesome to Toby, but a nightmare to Lana — Toby’s crotchety Labrador guardian, who would prefer to just sleep and be left alone. But it won’t be all fun and games as the duo have to contend with an evil land developer who is trying to steal the land from the camp. This time they are joined by a spunky little pig, a pair of ferrets, a fast talking raccoon, and a slow-moving tortoise, who will all lend a paw to help Toby save the camp.

Dove Review

The follow-up movie to Toby’s Big Adventure has Toby helping solve mysteries at a summer camp. Featuring some heartwarming moments, Toby (a young tiger) is accompanied by the Labrador, Lana, who is still a bit on the crotchety side.

Matt and Jen run a performing arts summer camp, and have for years, but a conniving land developer is plotting to take the land away from them to build condos. The scheme includes the land developer using his son Robbie who attends the camp. Robbie is trying to please his dad but Robbie’s brother, Derek, doesn’t like the scheme. The plot involves Robbie using his two pet ferrets to steal items from various campers, to pin the blame on a camp employee so that they will lose the land, which also serves as an animal preserve.

Into the mix comes some amazing young performers, and friends, such as Ashley and Willow. They are inseparable until a few misunderstandings threaten to undermine their friendship.

The animals have their big moments as well, such as the pig Mojo, who performs Hamlet in a play. And hammy is his performance!  Mojo likes himself a lot and brings several comedic moments to the movie. He boldly proclaims, “I am a thespian!” But when Jen asks Toby if he wants to be the star of the new show, Mojo becomes jealous.

The young teens all begin to work on a show, which involves singing and dancing. But suddenly they not only have performances to be concerned about, but their various items come up missing. Willow’s necklace, having belonged to her deceased mother, also winds up missing. Is there a thief? Who would steal from the others? The clues begin to fall on Corbin, a camp employee, maintenance man, who has been with the camp for many years. What will happen to the innocent Corbin? Will he lose his job? Will the ferrets be discovered? And will a romance develop between Willow and fellow camper Noah? And how will the show turn out? Will the camp be saved or lost?

This production includes some peppy songs such as the girls getting together on a song, “Like a Girl”. And the campers share a song at a campfire one night. And the laughs are peppered throughout, with a hot marshmellow accidentally being flung at Corbin, who is hit by it and races to jump into the pool. Another humorous scene involves Cosmo, the raccoon, opening a latch and he is told by another character not to open it. “I’m sorry,” replies Cosmo, “I can’t hear you over the sound of the latch opening!” The teens all have a food fight too which they obviously enjoy. Finally, it’s showtime and the fate of the camp will be learned.

This film is, overall, a wholesome film, but it does contain some name calling. It promotes helping others and forgiveness. It has earned our Dove seal for All Ages.

The Dove Take

This film shows what can happen when friends stand together for a cause and the animals as well as the song and dance numbers will entertain your family.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: The brother of a schemer doesn’t want to go along with him; a man who was falsely accused is asked to show forgiveness and he does; camp leaders genuinely care about the campers and come close to closing down the camp when items are stolen.
Violence: Played for humor, a man falls from a rope but is okay; a man is hit with a hot marshmellow but is okay; a character grabs another character by the shirt, but nothing escalates from there.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Girls and guys wear shorts; girls in bikinis and swimwear; shirtless guys.


Company: Cinedigm
Genre: Family
Runtime: 93 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Ed C.