The King: A Christmas Story from a Heavenly Perspective

DVD Release: November 26, 2021


In England during the 1800’s Nigel, a family man who struggles to keep his family fed, is convinced there is no good king, saying “they work us till our hands are bloody and our backs are broken.”  When an unassuming stranger overhears the plight of the family, he tells them about a good King. The story unfolds this night, hundreds of years ago in a Heavenly realm where two young Angels had many questions about their own King. Travel with them on their journey through wonder, amazement, and chaos as the disillusioned angels learn of the King’s mission of mercy, forgiveness, and how He is their only hope.

Dove Review

Here is a heartwarming story that uses both young and old to tell the story of Jesus’ arrival on Earth, in a new and imaginative way. A poor British family is at a general store and, from their clothing, it would appear to be sometime in the late 1800s. The family doesn’t have much and are selling potatoes and coal for the fire, to raise food money. An elderly man who appears to be the grandfather says he doesn’t want potato soup again. “I’m turning into a potato!” he declares. The father, Nigel, comes to the group to complain he heard that more taxes are planned by the king. “He takes the very food from my children’s mouths” he claims. A stranger comes upon the family and tells them, “Not all kings are bad.” “Lies!” says the downtrodden Nigel, “Lies, stranger, lies!” The stranger replies that, “This king loved his people so much he paid all their debts.” “All?” the question is asked. “Yes,” he replies. And he tells them about “this very night, hundreds of years ago.”

We next see young girls in white robes in heaven, apparently saints and angels.  Their names include Sarah, Hannah, Tess, and Maiden. The angel Gabriel is mentioned. One of the girls mentions she had bubble gum stuck on her when she was five, so some of the scenes are played for laughs.

The word spreads that the king is going to be born a baby. A scene with an empty throne and a crown laying on it is shown. It is also stated that the Father is giving the gift and it is for man’s sin, to ransom him and forgive him. It’s clear that salvation is the hope of man through the king, born as a babe, and sent to save the world.

Some wonderful songs are sung including an energetic version of Silent Night, and a lady delivers a powerful rendition of O Holy Night. Angels we Have Heard on High is another one of the classic songs that are performed in this 43-minute film. Several dance sequences are featured along with the songs.

Again, a few scenes focus on laughs, such as when it’s stated one shepherd has been out in the field too long and one of them comes running in to join the group, and he’s funny as he lays it on thick that he’s totally out of breath. The announcement has arrived that baby Jesus is born in the city of David, offering peace on Earth, and good will toward men.

Since various teen girl actors are featured as the heavenly beings, this film will certainly appeal to kids. It mixes the marvelous message of Jesus along with some teenage-type humor. Joseph and Mary and baby Jesus are seen at the manger, and the story finishes where it began-with Nigel and his family, and Nigel making a life-changing decision regarding this loving king.

The film has procured our Dove seal for All ages with its wholesome content and all-important message of salvation.

The Dove Take

Kids and families will enjoy this new take on the coming of the king to Earth for that first Christmas so long ago.

Content Description

Faith: A strong message about the birth of Jesus, including some scriptural quotes and Christmas songs.
Integrity: A man offers hope to a poor family by sharing the message of Jesus’ love; angels and saints are both amazed and grateful for the sacrifice of the King of Glory for man’s redemption.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: A man is angry with the current earthly king and complains and is at first skeptical about the message of a king that came to Earth to save man.


Company: BMG-Global
Genre: Christmas Drama
Runtime: 44 min.
Industry Rating: TV-G
Reviewer: Ed C.