14 Love Letters

14 Love Letters


After historic love letters start anonymously appearing in Kallie Sharp’s mailbox, the hobby farmer searches for her secret admirer and opens herself up to love.

Dove Review

**This review is contributed by Super Channel—a channel dedicated to providing integrity and accountability in today’s entertainment.

You will love the music, instrumental and vocals, that sets the mood throughout. This movie has the perfect elements that will ensure your entire family experiences an enjoyable movie night at home.  With its calming country scenery, an awesome sweet romantic script, and a cast that relates so authentically, it’s Dove approved for all ages!

Kallie (Vanessa Sears) leads a bit of a lonely life but enjoys her beautiful farm and her cute goats and talks to them like family.  She is fulfilling her dream of developing her goat milk skin care line and doesn’t have time for romance…or the pest next door, Jackson  (Franco Lo Presti) who farms a massive acreage that once belonged to her family and is constantly reminding her of his offer to buy her property, too.  It’s not for sale!

Kallie is successfully selling her cremes and lotions online and at the local market.  People are pleased she is back in the neighborhood, and she is reacquainting with an old school pal, Dex (Fuad Ahmed) now a school teacher, and meets the attractive new veterinarian, Dr. Grant (William J. Edwards) who is visibly attracted when she brings her goat in for a checkup. 

But there is no time for love, and she is taken aback when historic love letters start appearing in her mailbox.  As she reads the love poems and romantic phrases…with no signature attached…she is intrigued as to who her secret admirer might be.  Narrowing it down to two prospects, Dex and Dr. Grant, it’s time for a date to see who confesses! 

Jackson is annoyed with Kallie’s lack of attention to her goats while she pursues her love interests, but still manages to keep smiling and helping her out. When she invites him into her kitchen to help with her soap-making, little sparks start to fly, and when she finds out the noble reason why Jackson needs her land, she is humbled and sees him in a different light.   Could Kallie be opening up to love after all?

But when the sender of the letters is exposed and Kallie is humiliated in front of the entire town, she rejects everyone including Jackson.  The plot takes a dramatic twist when the romantic history of the 14 Love Letters is revealed…it will forever change Kallie and allow her to fall in love with a man whom she wants and stop the futile search for a man who might want her.

The Dove Take

Sometimes you just need a well-thought-out push to help find the missing pieces in your life. Don’t be too harsh to judge those that might slightly overstep their boundaries to make that happen … before you know the whole story.

Content Description

Faith: None displayed, but people live good, meaningful and purposeful lives
Integrity: Kallie has high morals and principles; Jackson is loyal to his deceased parents and sister; unwavering emotional support amongst friends and family
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: Joking reference to guys painting “getting paid in beer”; wine with friends; whiskey shared between chess players; very brief scenes and no bad behavior or abuse of alcohol.
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Brain Power Studio Inc.
Director: Amy Force
Producer: Myles Milne
Genre: Drama Romance
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Carole H.