Her Majesty

Theatrical Release: April 30, 2004
DVD Release: August 29, 2006
Her Majesty


Set in 1953, “Her Majesty” is a widely appealing coming-of-age story about Elizabeth Wakefield, a 13-year-old New Zealand girl who realizes her lifelong dream when Queen Elizabeth II comes to visit her small, quirky hometown. Carefully woven into this deceptively simple tale is a rich and engaging tapestry of universal themes and ideas – tolerance and truth, love and friendship, courage in the face of adversity. The delightful result is a timeless parable about race relations and identity which seamlessly transcends age, gender and culture.

Dove Review

This film has some good moments in it. Elizabeth is a persistent girl whose letters move the Queen to visit her small hometown. A woman whose father was murdered finds restitution of a sort with Elizabeth’s help. However, both Elizabeth and her brother Stewart are unruly and talk back to their father. They also lie to him. Some of this is punished and some is not. Elizabeth, in anger, calls her brother a bad name and wishes for him to “rot in Hell.” Also, we are concerned about the occult content as Elizabeth is given an amulet, a “good luck” charm, which she uses and which is presented in a positive light. The old woman who gave it to her “watches” Elizabeth’s spirit when Elizabeth is in trouble and encourages her to use the charm. Elizabeth also adds a temporary “tattoo” on her chin, representing the old woman’ s religion. The film’s viewers should be warned about the content areas and we ask our readers to check below. However, we do approve the film for ages twelve and above with the cautions listed.

The film merits our approval in part due to the character of Elizabeth, who is persistent in getting the queen to visit her small hometown. Also, she does embrace the old woman who has been shunned by others. The production value is also fantastic in this film as the cinematography offers up some breathtaking scenes for the viewer. Members of the family twelve and above will enjoy this story.

Content Description

Sex: An implied sexual affair between the mayor and a woman.
Language: D-3; H-3; Bas*ard-1; PO-1; OG/OMG-6; A-1.
Violence: Brother locks sister behind gate; the sister holds shotgun on brother; car accident; kid breaks a window and almost sets house on fire.
Drugs: Drinking; Elizabeth's under-aged brother drinks but father catches him and punishes him.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other The use of a charm; spell; a woman's presence douses the fire in a lighter; old woman communes with Elizabeth's spirit in a scene; a tattoo placed on the face; the children lie to their father and talk back to him and not all of this is punished.


Company: Panorama Entertainment
Director: Mark J. Gordon
Producer: Walter Coblenz
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 104 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter