Saw lll

Theatrical Release: October 27, 2006
Saw lll


Jigsaw has disappeared.

With his new apprentice Amanda (Shawnee Smith), the puppet-master behind the cruel, intricate games that have terrified a community and baffled police has once again eluded capture and vanished. While city detectives scramble to locate him, Doctor Lynn Denlon (Bahar Soomekh) is unaware that she is about to become the latest pawn on his vicious chessboard.

One night, after finishing a shift at her hospital, Lynn is kidnapped and taken to an abandoned warehouse where she meets Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), bedridden and on the verge of death. She is told that she must keep the madman alive for as long as it takes Jeff (Angus Macfayden), another of his victims, to complete a game of his own. Racing against the ticking clock of Jigsaw’s own heartbeat, Lynn and Jeff struggle to make it through each of their vicious tests, unaware that he has a much bigger plan for both of them…

Dove Review

“Saw 3” epitomizes everything that is wrong with modern horror movies. The most recent trend in horror movies seems not to be frightening the audience, but rather making the audience sick to their stomachs by cramming in as much human suffering as possible. With respect to human suffering, “Saw 3” succeeds in making one wonder, “Who came up with all these horrible ways of torturing people?” The only thing about “Saw 3” that scared me was that someone actually made this film. A demented man dying of a brain tumor picks people whom he feels are not living their lives the way he thinks they should, and tortures them. For example, a man whose son was hit by a car and killed, is chosen as a victim because he has spent the years since his son’s death contemplating revenge. The psychopath plans out elaborate schemes for his victims, but there is no way his schemes could work out unless he knows everything the other people in the film are going to do. But of course, his schemes always work. Go figure.

Content Description

Sex: Man and woman kiss, sexual reference.
Language: F-34; S-3; B-6; H-1; OG/OMG-3; GD-1; A-1; Slang for female genitalia-1
Violence: Severed foot on floor, man smashes own foot, bloody dead people, man tethered by rings through his skin, man rips rings out of his skin, remains of exploded body, woman's skin burned by acid, woman's ribcage ripped open, woman frozen to death, man nearly drowned, woman cuts man's head open and drills into skull, woman smothers man, man's head and limbs twisted, man shot in face, two women shot, man beats woman, man cuts man's throat, woman's head blown apart, woman cuts herself.
Drugs: Reference to prior intravenous drug use.
Nudity: Full frontal nudity of a woman. Her upper half is plainly seen although her lower half is somewhat disguised by ice.
Occult: None


Company: Lionsgate
Writer: Leigh Whannell and James Wan
Producer: Mark Burg
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 107 min.
Industry Rating: R
Starring: Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Angus Macfadyen
Reviewer: Samantha Kubik