Blood and Chocolate

Theatrical Release: January 26, 2007
Blood and Chocolate


“Blood and Chocolate” is based on Annette Curtis Klause’s novel about a teenage werewolf who has spent her life trying to hide the fact that she is part wolf. She must choose between her love for a human and her family after her relationship with a visiting American threatens to expose her secret.

Dove Review

“Blood and Chocolate” at least attempts to be somewhat intelligent, by posing the question of whether we have control over our own futures and destinies. The film also tries to delve into human nature, asking whether or not we have control over our more basic, animal instincts. One good thing that can be said about the film is that it tries to present a moral lesson: that human beings can exercise control over their instincts and behavior. “Blood and Chocolate” was not extremely bloody; however, it is still a very violent movie. Due to the violence, this film cannot be approved by Dove.

Content Description

Sex: Man and woman kissing (about 6 times); suggestive dancing.
Language: : B-3; H-3; GD-1
Violence: Family shot; woman killed by werewolf; man stabbed in neck; man hunted down and attacked by werewolves; man punched and bitten by werewolf; man thrown off balcony; man attacked by werewolves; werewolves stabbed; werewolves fight; people chased by killer werewolves; people threatened with guns; gunfight with several people shot; men burned to death; werewolf shot; several fight scenes; people cut with knives.
Drugs: Reference to drug use; drug dealer portrayed; people drink alcohol at a nightclub.
Nudity: Woman’s nipples seen through her dress; when werewolves are killed, they turn back into people and are nude – only shown from the sides in a fetal position; woman’s nude rear end on a poster.
Other: None


Company: MGM/UA
Writer: Ehren Kruger and Christopher Landon
Producer: Daniel Bobker
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 99 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Samantha Kubik