School of Redemption (Manuscript)



Tommy and Frank, mob gangsters and bank robbers, hide out in a Cahtolic school and, as they encournter the kids from the school, they begin to undergo changes in their perspective, and eventually begin to wonder if they can reform their behavior.

Dove Review

This is one funny manuscript. I don’t easily laugh while reading and this script had me chuckling several times. There are some great funny moments, including a scene in which the character of Tommy doesn’t want to hide out in a Catholic school, despite the fact the mob is attempting to terminate him and his partner Frank. Tommy tells Frank, “Kids scare me.” What?” asks Frank. “Guys chasing you with guns, intent on killing you, don’t scare you?” “Good point,” says Tommy. “Ok. Let’s go.” In another scene the character says, “Extortion, laundering, gambling, that’s what we do. No bank jobs. It’s tacky.”

There is a lot to like about this script, including the growth and change the main characters undergo. It is also quite funny all the way throughout. The new Don happens to have the first name Don. Don Don becomes quite an interesting character. I think this script would make a great funny movie if directed by the right person. There is morality as well, as one character says, concerning making difficult decisions, the decisions should be made for “the greater good.” We recommend this film for ages twelve and above, due to the mature themes, and we award it five doves, the most we can give. Who wouldn’t love the name of the Catholic school, St. Bernard’s?!

*NOTE TO THE AUTHORS: I wouldn’t change anything about the script. I think it is hilarious and we wish you well in your attempts to get it filmed and distributed.

Content Description

Sex: A little sexual innuendo. Nothing graphic or gratuitous.
Language: None
Violence: A bank robbery and attempted shooting. Nothing graphic however.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Attempted murders by the mob, but they are incompetent. Some mature themes.


Company: T4 Pictures, LLC
Writer: Ryan Wickerham and Jeff Stolhand
Genre: Action
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter