The Hoax

Theatrical Release: April 20, 2007
DVD Release: October 16, 2007
The Hoax


The Hoax, directed by Academy Award nominee Lasse Holmstrom (Cider House Rules, Chocolat. Casanova), is inspired by true events in the life of Clifford Irving, played by Richard Gere (Chicago), a charismatic and charming writer who persuades the world that he is the authorized biographer for the reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes. When his book is published admits a swirl of controversy Irving must scramble to prove his claim. Through a series of devilish twists and turns, Irving is led to suspect a vast conspiracy is plotting against him.

Dove Review

This film is based on real facts about a writer during the 70’s who wrote anything but a real-life biography of Billionaire Howard Hughes. The audience will be intrigued as they witness the lengths that Clifford Irving went to in order to get a story of this magnitude written and published. Filled with fact, fiction, lies and deceit, It will keep you enthralled until the very end. Dove cannot approve this movie due to the excessive use of language and other objectionable content listed below.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Man is beaten up; man thrown out of a window and lands in pool; man hit in the face.
Sex: Married Man has an affair; man pays for a prostitute for friend.
Language: F-30; H-2; S- 7; GD-4; J-5; G-2; SOB-1; A-1
Violence: Man is beaten up; man thrown out of a window and lands in pool; man hit in the face.
Drugs: Frequent use of cigarettes and alcohol.
Nudity: Partial nude picture of woman; woman nude in sheer robe.
Other: Many fabrications of the truth; man steals book and information from another man.


Company: Miramax Pictures
Writer: William Wheeler and Clifford Irving
Producer: Betsy Beers
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 115 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe