Delta Farce

Theatrical Release: May 11, 2007
DVD Release: September 4, 2007
Delta Farce


Down on his luck after losing his job and his girlfriend on the same day, Larry (Larry the Cable Guy)decides to join his neighbor, Bill (Bill Engvall), and his combat-happy buddy, Everett (DJ Qualls), for a relaxing weekend of drinking and target practice. But when the three hapless guys are mistaken for Army Reservists by the hard-nosed Sergeant Kilgrove (Keith David), they’re loaded onto an army plane headed for Fallujah, Iraq – and mistakenly ejected in a Humvee somewhere over Mexico. Convinced they’re actually in the Middle East, the clueless wannabe soldiers save a rural village from a siege of bandits and become local heroes. But when Carlos Santana (Danny Trejo), a ruthless, karaoke-loving warlord, strikes back, Larry, Bill and Everett have to lay down their beers and take up their arms – and prove they just might be real soldiers after all…

Dove Review

Those of us who love to watch Larry The Cable Guy and Bill Engvall will find this to be some of their funniest work. The comedy is laugh-out-loud, rolling-in-the-aisle funny. It can be compared to the old “Airplane” movies or other movies that take a situation and turn it into a funny “Farce.” As stated, this is genuinely a funny movie and will elicit some well-earned laughs, but unfortunately, due to the language content and some of the topics the film makes fun of, it is outside the boundaries that Dove can approve. It’s too bad and a shame these issues had to bomb what could have been a funny, enjoyable family experience.

Content Description

Sex: Couple kissing
Language: S-12; GD-1; H-4; A-10; D-6; SOB- 4; Mumbled word that sounds like F-word
Violence: Slap stick explosions and shooting; Man gets punched in face; Bulling;
Drugs: Beer; tequila.
Nudity: Man in negligee; cleavage; man without shirt; man in boxer shorts.
Other: References to sexual preference, obnoxious name calling.


Company: Lionsgate
Writer: Bear Aderhold and Tom Sullivan
Director: C.B. Harding
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Starring: Michael Edward Rose, Glenn Morshower, Larry The Cable Guy
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe