28 Weeks Later

Theatrical Release: May 11, 2007
DVD Release: October 9, 2007
28 Weeks Later


The creative team of Danny Boyle, Alex Garland, and Andrew Macdonald are back to re-invent the zombie movie yet again with the sequel to “28 Days Later.” Lead by director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, “28 Weeks Later” picks up six months after the Rage virus has decimated the city of London. The US Army has restored order and is repopulating the quarantined city, when a carrier of the Rage virus enters London and unknowingly re-ignites the spread of the deadly infection, wreaking havoc on the entire population.

Dove Review

There is one positive thing I can say about “28 Weeks Later” and that is it was shown with digital projection which makes for an awesome picture. If you take “Night of the Living Dead” and multiply the violence and stupidity by 1000 times it might equal the violence and stupidity of “28 Weeks Later”. It’s like being a non smoker in a car full of smokers, and when you leave the car you smell of smoke and all you want to do is take a shower. I feel I need a shower after watching the non-stop graphic violence. It is way over the top and makes you feel violated in having to sit there and watch it all.

Families should wait 28 years to even consider watching this mess. I am again perplexed as to why Hollywood insists on making this type garbage.

Content Description

Sex: Couple shown having sex.
Language: F-28; GD-2; H-1; S-11; A-1; B*st*rd-1; Slang for male genitalia-2
Violence: Constant blood, killing, and burning bodies. Heads blown off; helicopter rotors cutting people to pieces and other scenes with similar violence.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Women shown taking a shower.
Other: None


Company: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Writer: Rowan Joffe and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Jesús Olmo
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 99 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Dave Lukens