Beat the Drum (DVD Only)

DVD Release: November 20, 2007
Beat the Drum (DVD Only)


A young, orphaned boy sets out for the big city to find his uncle after a mysterious illness strikes his village. Driven by his determination to survive and growing social awareness, he finds a way to make an honest living and returns to his village with a truth and understanding his elders have failed to grasp. An emotional and timely drama reminding us how one small voice can be the brave start of colossal change – uniting a village, a township and even a nation.

Dove Review

Junior Singo gives a terrific performance in this film as the character of Musa, an African boy whose entire family is being wiped out by AIDS. His mother is dead, and when Musa’s father dies, and the family is left without a cow, the boy tells his grandmother he will travel to the city to find his uncle.

Musa encounters many difficulties as he earns a living by washing the windshields of automobiles while they are stopped at traffic lights. He lives life on the streets but a truck driver named Nobe (Owen Sejake) has compassion on the boy and helps him. The fear of the people regarding AIDS becomes something that Nobe realizes needs to be changed, as he tries to figure out a way to educate them. He and a pastor, along with a company owner who just lost his son to AIDS, make HIV testing available and offer hope to the African community.

This drama has some strong moments, but we do note some areas of content which viewers should be aware of. There is an animal sacrifice, a pagan offering of sheep’s blood which has been pared down from the original scene but still contains some blood. Also a man hires a prostitute but although the viewer gets the idea he has sex with her, nothing graphic is shown. There is talk in the film of curses and bewitchment but Musa, Nobe, the pastor, and business owner help open the people’s eyes to the truth of the seriousness of the HIV virus.

Near the end in a church a really nice scene takes place with the people singing a spiritual song about the Almighty and they sing with great joy. We award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this film for ages twelve and above. Beat the drum and let others know that this touching and enlightening DVD is now available!

Content Description

Sex: A character hires a prostitute although nothing graphic or no nudity is seen; a few groans are heard-made by a prostitute; a prostitute accepts money for sex act; prostitutes encourage men to visit them; a man pats a woman's thigh.
Language: H-1
Violence: Some street gangs beat up people, including slapping a girl.
Drugs: A man visits a bar and becomes inebriated; man has needle marks on arm.
Nudity: Cleavage and short skirts are worn by prostitutes.
Other: There is a sacrifice of a lamb in which blood is momentarily seen and the insides of the lamb's carcass is seen; some people talk about a curse on a family; a character is told by kids his family is bewitched; a belief of some that if a man with AIDS has sex with a virgin, he will be cured; kids steal food but they do so to survive; a boy is robbed; a man becomes sick on the streets; people die from AIDS; two characters are seen urinating from behind.


Company: Genius Products, Inc
Director: David Hickson
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 114 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter