The Rebellion of Thought: Post-Modernism Church and the Struggle for Authentic Faith

Theatrical Release: October 28, 2006
DVD Release: November 12, 2007
The Rebellion of Thought: Post-Modernism Church and the Struggle for Authentic Faith


“Rebellion of Thought” takes a critical look at the role of faith in a postmodern culture. What is the role of the church today? Does Man truly need God, or is God merely a fairytale idea leftover from past cultural experiments? These questions are the launching point for this new film by the brothers Williamson. What began as a documentary exploring post-modernism soon became a personal struggle. Along the journey, the filmmakers learn that living one’s faith out in the larger culture is very different than living one’s faith within the walls of the traditional Church.

Dove Review

This documentary is thought provoking. The brothers Williamson ask some tough questions. Does absolute truth exist? They also probe into why church attendance has declined in many churches and why there is a postmodern approach to religion and a swelling belief system of individual morality. They look at the possibility of the gospel being preached but not practiced. Other authorities speak on the topic, including Bruce Ellis Benson, the Assoc. Professor of Philosophy at Wheaton College. The film has some downer moments as people search for hope, and the music is not upbeat either. There are a few scenes which mention Gay Pride Day and it is done in the light of asking if people choose to believe in the sexuality they practice. But the brothers succeed in their goal of stimulating thoughts and comments on the topic and we award it our Dove Family-Approved Seal for ages twelve and above due to the mature themes.

Content Description

Sex: Two women kiss briefly as a few scenes of Gay Pride Day are shown as it relates to the topic of God and sexuality.
Language: H-1; B-1; Su*ks-1.
Violence: Some brief scenes of the holocaust and corpses; a small amount of blood is seen at the beginning from a razor cut.
Drugs: Smoking.
Nudity: Bare chested men; man's thigh; mild cleavage.
Other: Different beliefs are expressed including those of reincarnation; mature themes and conversations.


Company: Exploration Films
Writer: Brad Williamson and Kent C. Williamson
Producer: Brad Williamson and Kent C. Williamson
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 75 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Bruce Ellis Benson ... Himself, D.A. Carson ... Himself
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter