The Last Legion

Theatrical Release: August 17, 2007
The Last Legion


‘The Last Legion’ is a fantasy action-adventure in the vein of ‘The Sword and the Stone’ set against the fall of Rome and its last emperor, 12 year-old Romulus Augustus, the boy who would rule for a day before losing all that he loved: his family, his home, and an empire that once stood for truth and honor. Imprisoned on the island-fortress of Capri, Romulus searches for a means of escape. He discovers instead “excaliburnus,” the legendary sword of Julius Caesar, and realizes that he must do all in his power to save Rome. Aided by the clever strategies of his teacher, Ambrosinus, and the heroic skills of his loyal legionnaire, Aurelius, Romulus escapes the island. Accompanied by his friends and a mysterious envoy from Constantinople, Romulus travels to Britannia in search of the last Roman Legion – the fabled Dragon Legion. There, Romulus will fight alongside his friends to make his last stand for Rome and take his first steps to becoming a man and he king who would father a legend.

Dove Review

This movie acts as a prequel to the Sword in the Stone stories. With Rome’s government crumbling, unlikely heroes must step up and take risks to make sure that truth conquers all. Colin Firth is surprisingly good as a Roman general put in charge of the young Emperor’s safety. The film had a nice balance of action and story, with the characters being wholly believable. There was a bit of sorcery near the end of the film.

The Dove Foundation was unable to reward our Family-Approved Seal due to the amount of violence, and a scene in which an unmarried couple spend the night together. The battle and fighting scenes showed little blood but there was more blood on the characters after the battle and there was a lot of fighting. With surprising characters in surprising roles, the film held some nice surprises but unfortunately fell short of receiving our Dove Seal.

Content Description

Sex: An unmarried couple spend the night together.
Language: H-1
Violence: Several battle scenes; two sword fights; a man throws a boy; man slaps woman; two incidents of man slapping man; two men killed; one man tortured; one bloody face of man.
Drugs: None.
Nudity: Low-cut blouses throughout; wet clothes clinging to female body.
Other: Sorcery.


Company: The Weinstein Company LLC
Writer: Jez Butterworth and Tom Butterworth and Carlo Carlei
Director: Doug Lefler
Producer: Tarak Ben Ammar
Genre: Action
Runtime: 110 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Carrie Clark