Christmas Child

Theatrical Release: December 1, 2006
DVD Release: December 1, 2007
Christmas Child


As Christmas draws near, Jack finds himself disconnecting from the holidays, his job and ultimately his wife. His latest assignment as a journalist takes him to Dallas, but a mysterious photograph draws him to the town of Clearwater, Texas. It is here he discovers the town’s life-sized, intricately carved nativity. As Jack delves into the mysteries surrounding the nativity and its creator, he uncovers secrets from his past, reunites with the family he never knew, and returns to the love who never left him.

Dove Review

When you are looking into family history, it may take you in a direction that you never expected. In this story the main character, Jack, is not sure of what he is looking for when he discovers a photo in the safety deposit box. But the photo seems to pull him to the town of Clearwater. While searching for information regarding his birth, he makes a discovery about the town, the nativity and himself.

An excellent performance by all the cast helps bring this enjoyable story to life. I gladly give this movie The Dove Seal of Approval. I could not find any content that would keep this film from receiving our seal as a family-approved movie.

Content Description

Sex: Couple kiss
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: Man drinking.
Nudity: Man without shirt on.
Other: The film deals with the topic of adoption.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Writer: Story by Max Lucado, Andrea Jobe; Eric Newman
Director: Andrea Jobe Eric Newman Bill Ewing
Producer: Tom Newman; Penelope L. Foster
Genre: Christmas
Runtime: 96 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: William R. Moss, Megan Follows, Muse Watson; Steven Curtis Chapman
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe