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Mad Money

Bridget Cardigan (Diane Keaton) is shocked to learn that she is on the verge of losing her home and comfortable upper middle class lifestyle when her husband Don (Ted Danson) is downsized from his job. Armed only with a decades old English degree and years as a dedicated mother and corporate wife, Bridget is forced into the unfamiliar labor market with no job skills. Finally, she accepts the only position she can find -- janitor at the Federal Reserve Bank.

The one-time suburban mom soon discovers she has more in common with her new co-workers than she thought. Bridget forges an unexpected bond with Nina (Queen Latifah), a hard-working single mom with two kids to raise, and Jackie (Katie Holmes), an exuberant free spirit with nothing to lose. Caught up in a system that underestimates their talents and keeps their dreams just out of reach, Bridget, Nina and Jackie set out to even the score.

After a lifetime of playing by the rules, the three devise a plan to smuggle soon-to-be destroyed currency out of the supposedly airtight Reserve. As the unlikely crime syndicate amasses piles of cash, it looks like they have pulled off the perfect crime -- until a minor misstep alerts the authorities. With more money than they know what to do with, the women are pushed to the limits of their ingenuity to stay one step ahead of the law!
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When you put Diane Keaton in a movie along with Queen Latifah, you are going to get some laughs. Ted Danson and Katie Holmes have their moments too. Although very funny at times, “Mad Money” misses the mark in the sex and language categories, and unfortunately the partners in crime show no remorse for their sins. There is also a “mooning” scene by one character who drops his pants to the Feds. The character of Jackie (Holmes) does show concern for Nina’s kids when prison time begins to look like a real possibility.

This film could have been a funny family film had the content issues mentioned been toned down. Unfortunately, as the characters in this film always want a little bit more, I wanted this movie to be more family-friendly. We cannot award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to the film.

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Some characters are arrested at gunpoint; a couple set an explosion for their own home.


Several sexual innuendos; a guard runs a metal detector up and down over woman's breasts several times; a discussion of swapping sex for money; a guard touches a woman's breasts as she has money stuffed in her bra.


GD-1; J-2; G/OMG-24; S-10; A-4; H-8; D-5; Slang for male genitalia-1; B-1


Some characters are arrested at gunpoint; a couple set an explosion for their own home.


Several brief drinking scenes including the drinking of champagne and beer; bar scene; drug reference and drug money reference.


A stripper has money stuffed down her front underclothing; cleavage; woman stuffs money down her boxer-like panties; a character drops his pants and moons some officials.


Greed is shown by characters; stealing without regret; a character gives someone the finger in a scene.

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