Theatrical Release: January 25, 2008


“UNTRACEABLE” is about a secret service agent, Jennifer Marsh, played by Best Actress Oscar nominee Diane Lane who gets caught in a very personal and deadly cat-and-mouse game with a serial killer who knows that people (being what they are – both curious and drawn to the dark side of things) will log onto an “untraceable” website where he conducts violent and painful murders LIVE on the net. The more people who log on and enter the website, the quicker and more violently the victim dies. Suspenseful, intense and action oriented, “UNTRACEABLE” also has a relevant and accurate message about todays society. Why are we drawn to “evil” in our media etc. Just look at the news or read a newspaper… it’s all bad news and often murder, yet we are drawn to it and read about it. This film explores that but not in a preachy way but in a way that is both intense, entertaining and thought-provoking.

Dove Review

This film is certainly something I would classify as a twisted murder mystery. With technology becoming more and more advanced, the killer in this film uses the internet to kill his victims. The movie is fast moving and full of action. The acting is phenomenal and the plot is somewhat original. The film does contain quite a bit of vulgar language and extreme murder scenes, so this is film cannot be awarded the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

Content Description

Sex: Photos of gay men in sexual poses.
Language: F-12; S-7; GD-1; A-2; B-1
Violence: Animal cruelty-man tortures a cat and kills it; a man is tasered and is shown bleeding to death; man tasered and thrown down the stairs and then burned alive; FBI agent is put into a vat of water and acid and dies; FBI agent dragged and hung upside down; FBI agent beats and shoots the killer in self defense.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Pornographic photos of men and women shown; man shown with no shirt on; photos of nude men; man shown with only shorts on; bare upper back of woman shown.
Other: Themes such as torture, identity theft, abduction, and torture; dead bodies shown.


Company: Sony/Screen Gems
Writer: Robert Fyvolent and Mark Brinker and Allison Burnett
Director: Gregory Hoblit
Producer: Andy Cohen
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 100 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Candice Moore