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Soccer Mom

Wendy Handler is a typically overwhelmed soccer mom, struggling to juggle working her job with all the exhausting chores necessary to raise her kids the right way. Her soccer-loving teen-aged daughter Becca has taken her dad's death the hardest of all the kids, perhaps because her wonderful dad used to be her mentor, her beloved soccer coach, and even her confidante. Now there's a hole in Becca's heart the size and shape of a dad, which is why Wendy is so thrilled when it turns out that a world-famous Italian soccer star, Lorenzo has apparently agreed to guest-coach Becca's floundering club soccer team in order to transform them into winners. While picking up self-important Lorenzo from the airport Wendy is outraged by his insufferable misogynist arrogance: she loses her temper and ends up blowing Becca's opportunity to finally have an inspiring male role-model back in her troubled life. Unable to face her bitterly disappointed daughter (not to mention her equally hopeful teammates), and knowing how crucial it is for her daughter to have a father-like figure to look up to, Wendy impulsively decides to masquerade as the famous Italian soccer star, resolved to coach Becca's struggling soccer team herself. To help her pull off this crazy scheme Wendy turns to her former hairdresser Tony DaSilva, a soccer-playing beauty salon owner whose partner has experience doing make-up and special effects for the studios. Amazingly, Wendy actually starts to pull off her crazy masquerade, fooling her daughter and everyone else that the great Lorenzo has indeed come to coach the girls to victory. How wonderful it feels to Wendy to finally have the love and admiration she's yearned for from her balky daughter, even if it is only by pretending to be someone else. In the midst of her joy, however, Wendy dreads the time when Becca inevitably learns the truth. The action all leads to the Cal-South Annual Soccer Tournament, but unbeknown to Wendy, this year there is a scheduled appearance by the real Lorenzo himself!
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Dove Review

As a soccer mom myself, I was really looking forward to viewing this movie that portrays the hectic life of a mom trying to do it all and her soccer-loving teenager. The family dynamic is complicated further by the recent death of the father/soccer coach. In an effort to please her daughter, this mom goes to extremes — donning prosthetic makeup, male clothing and impersonating a soccer star. While her efforts to help her daughter and the soccer team are admirable, her tactics are questionable. Sprinkled throughout the story are subtle sexual innuendos. While most will go over the head of young children, see the descriptions below for a few more specific references that may lead to some questions from inquiring young minds.

The story is quite predictable, but basically harmless eliciting a few laughs. Soccer Mom does receive the Dove Family Approved Seal, but because of the consistent sexual innuendo we feel it is more appropriate for ages 12 and older.

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Girl pushes another girl on the soccer field; man takes prat-falls after being slapped by woman.


Kiss between two women (one is dressed as a man); two characters kiss, because one is dressed as a man it appears that two men are kissing; kiss between husband and wife; man makes implied sexual advance toward woman with whispers and hand gestures; woman leans over man revealing her cleavage near his face and offers him some cupcakes (from a tray she is holding); woman tricks man to go to hotel room, when he arrives he is grabbed suggestively by a maid; there are other subtle sexual innuendos in this film, but they will most likely go over the head of young children.


H-1; G/OMG-13; "Jeez"-1; "Suck"-2; "Butt"- 4


Girl pushes another girl on the soccer field; man takes prat-falls after being slapped by woman.


Characters drink beer while meeting in bar; man orders a vodka, but does not end up drinking it.


Cleavage shown from one character; woman's lower back is revealed as she bends over.


The death of a father/coach is discussed briefly; it is implied that two characters are gay; mother lies and deceives others by masquerading as another person; daughter is irreverent to her mother; a husband and wife are separated and there are several situations where they argue about custody and marital troubles.

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