Emily Brontes Wuthering Heights

DVD Release: February 12, 2003
Emily Brontes Wuthering  Heights


Peter Kosminksy directed this faithful adaptation of the Emily Bronte classic. Ralph Fiennes has the role of Heathcliff, a wanderer adopted by the father of Cathy (Juliette Binoche), “a wild slip of a girl.” Heathcliffe is looked down upon by his stepbrothers and becomes a servant. He is further crushed when Cathy, the love of his life, marries another man — since to marry a servant would be the ultimate in humiliation for her. Heathcliffe disappears for a number a years but then returns, revenge and hatred for Cathy’s family the only thing on his mind.

Dove Review

I do not understand what motivates the characters in this story. Everything they do makes them and those they care about utterly miserable. This version of “Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights” is humorless, which may be what the director and the author intended. The story includes miserable people wallowing in their suffering. However, it is considered a classic and the melodrama does put an extreme spin on life’s problems.

Although Dove is able to award the “Family Approved” Seal to this movie for ages 12 and older, I can’t imagine any young people enjoying the slow-paced and completely depressing story. The two central characters don’t seem to grow or learn from their mistakes one bit, and they both conduct themselves in a way that is manipulative and cruel to others. However, once again, we are able to award our Dove Seal to the film for ages twelve and above, realizing that some viewers will enjoy the soap opera angle to the film.

Content Description

Sex: Men and women are shown kissing several times throughout the film; a man and woman kiss when they are both married to other people.
Language: D-2; OMG-1; H (as a place)-1; S-2.
Violence: Man is hit several times with a rod and punched in the stomach; man punches man; man slaps a woman and pushes her down; woman with a cut and bruised lip, and it’s implied that her husband hit her.
Drugs: Man with a glass of liquor in front of him; voice-over states that a mad died of alcoholism.
Nudity: A shirtless mant.
Other: Several people die throughout the film – one woman dies in childbirth and another soon after giving birth, others die of illnesses or natural causes.


Company: Paramount
Writer: Emily Brontë and Anne Devlin
Director: Peter Kosminsky
Producer: Mary Selway
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 105 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Samantha Vadersloot