Clear and Present Danger

Theatrical Release: August 3, 1994
DVD Release: May 6, 2003
Clear and Present Danger


A close friend of the President and his family are murdered aboard their yacht in the Caribbean, setting off a chain of events that leads Jack Ryan, Deputy Director of the C.I.A., into a dangerous confrontation with the Colombian drug cartel.

Dove Review

The same thing dooms this film from receiving our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal that doomed its predecessor, namely “Patriot Games”, and that is strong language.The violence level is a bit high as well. In this story, the importation of illegal drugs is cited as a “clear and present danger” (hence, the title), and the president makes it his mission to go after the illegal confederates. Unfortunately, there are those in the leadership of American government who don’t go by the book, and Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) is kept in the dark. But not for long, as Ryan begins to figure out that at least one double agent is involved in operations concerning the illegal drug cartels. The story has plenty of action and Ford turns in a very good performance, but this is not one for the family.

Content Description

Sex: A man kisses a woman and briefly fondles her before killing her.
Language: J-8; GD-1; S-9; D-7; F-1; B-2; G/OMG-3; H-8; SOB-3; A-3; Butts-1;Mother of God-1
Violence: Blood seen on boat deck; a man has another man and his family killed; several shootings; a house is blown up; a character breaks a woman's neck; a vehicle is bombed; explosions; troops are betrayed and attacked and some die; more blood is seen from wounds.
Drugs: Smoking cigars; drinks.
Nudity: A woman is seen in a towel; cleavage.
Other: The topic of death and losing a friend; betrayal.


Company: Paramount
Writer: Tom Clancy and Donald Stewart and Steven Zaillian and John Milius
Director: Phillip Noyce
Producer: Mace Neufeld
Genre: Action
Runtime: 141 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter