Tomorrows Hollow

DVD Release: July 15, 2008
Tomorrows Hollow


This film is a epic tale about two lovable sheep, and their quest to find the Hevenly resort, Tomorrow’s Hallow. Its pearly gates and streets of gold are the desire of many traveler. The path to enter however, is a power held by only one. With villians and deception afoot, will the two lost sheep ever find their way? Many lessons and metaphors are taught through this beautifully animated cartoon. From the grace of the Gospel message, to the deceptive and alluring words of evil…children are sure to learn and laugh all the way thru this DVD.

Dove Review

Young kids especially will enjoy this delightful story. The story uses two lambs as the main characters to illustrate spiritual truths. They are driving along and become lost. They stop at a carpenter’s shop to ask for help and Jesus greets them. He gives them a Bible and offers to aid them but they rudely respond that they don’t require his help.

However, when they find themselves in a jam, it is Jesus who alone can guide them back to the right path. In this story we meet a wolf in sheep’s clothing and he attempts to throw envy, hate and evil their way but they soon leave the Broad Road and follow Jesus. We do note that the lambs come close to being eaten and there is an image of a scary fire so the little tots might possibly be frightened so parental discretion is advised. But the DVD has great CGI images and a good story and we gladly award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this DVD.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Lambs are chained up but not harmed; a fire is seen.
Sex: Female lamb kisses male lamb on cheek; a female lamb kisses Jesus on the cheek in gratitude.
Language: None
Violence: Lambs are chained up but not harmed; a fire is seen.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: John 3:16 is quoted and Jesus is a character in the story.


Company: Smiles Isle,The
Writer: Jesse McPeek
Director: Jesse McPeek
Producer: Jesse McPeek
Genre: Children
Runtime: 15 min.
Starring: Voices: Jared Murphy, Jeff Fusilier, Dennis Bell, Jay Porter, Einah Fetz, Hannah Charles
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter