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Tyler Perrys The Family That Preys

Wealthy socialite Charlotte Cartwright (Kathy Bates) and her dear friend Alice Pratt (Alfre Woodard), a working class woman of high ideals, have enjoyed a lasting friendship throughout many years. Suddenly, their lives become mired in turmoil as their adult children's extramarital affairs, unethical business practices and a dark paternity secret threaten to derail family fortunes and unravel the lives of all involved. Alice's self-centered newlywed daughter Andrea (Sanaa Lathan) is betraying her trusting husband Chris (Rockmond Dunbar) by engaging in a torrid affair with her boss and mother's best friend's son William (Cole Hauser). While cheating on his wife Jillian (Kadee Strickland) with a string of ongoing dalliances with his mistress Andrea, William's true focus is to replace the COO of his mother's lucrative construction corporation. Meanwhile, Alice's other daughter Pam (Taraji Henson), a kind but no nonsense woman married to a hard working construction worker (Tyler Perry), tries to steer the family in a more positive direction.
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This family does indeed “prey” on one another while one character named Alice Pratt (played by Alfre Woodard) prays to the Lord. Alice’s two daughters, Andrea (Sanaa Lathan) and Pam (Taraji P. Henson) don’t get along. Pam stands behind her husband Ben (Tyler Perry), a construction worker, but Andrea isn’t there for her husband Chris (Rockmond Dunbar). In fact, she likes to belittle him in front of others or simply ignore him. Add to the mix Charlotte Cartwright (Kathy Bates), a wealthy woman whose only son is cold blooded and would sell out his own mother to gain control of the family’s company. Charlotte is friends with Alice Pratt and they share a vacation together while Charlotte attempts to muster the strength to tell Alice a secret she has been hiding.

The film is a bit “soap opera” for sure, but has some good storytelling along the way, and it includes a frank discussion about Christ and baptism. However, one character tells another character to “Go to H…” and, in addition, focuses in part on an affair by a married man and a married woman. Due to the sex and language content, we are unable to award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this film.

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An angry husband strikes his cheating wife; a man hits another man.


A married man and married woman are having an affair; kissing and necking.


D-9; H-10; A-5; G/OMG-1; B-1; SOB-1; An "idiot" comment.


An angry husband strikes his cheating wife; a man hits another man.


Several scenes of drinking.


Cleavage; shirtless men at a strip joint; a couple of women in short cut-offs.


A few comments which concern racism; a conversation about Jesus dying for sins; a baptism service is featured.

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